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    Toronto Toronto | QRC West (Queen Richmond Centre West) | 71.93m | 17s | Allied | Sweeny &Co

    this project is great. by the way is anybody single out there. I'm a guy who goes both ways (boys and girls).
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    Toronto Toronto | St Regis Toronto Hotel and Residences | 281.93m | 58s | JFC Capital | Zeidler

    I love trump tower. I think that its going to be a beacon in our growing skyline.
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    Work On Great Gulf Homes And Lifetime Developments' X2 Condos Begins

    this is really random but i love the website tube8
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    Reviewing 2010: Notable Births

    great job and an amazing year for developments. I just hope we get a supertall skyscraper before we bid for the olympics. i'm fantazising two 400 foot twin towers.
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    Talon International's Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto Soaring High As The

    i think we need to start making judgements once is completed, not now. I actually think its going to be great once all the architectural details are addad into the project. can't wait till its completed
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    Touring Pinnacle International's Grand Park Condo Model Suites in Mississaug

    missisauga is becoming more urban as the years go by. ill say it again just for the hell of it, i hate rob ford!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Reconstruction Work Begins On The Roof Of Maple Leaf Gardens

    i dont care sbout this. boring!
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    New Renderings for Cityscape's Gooderham and Pure Spirit Projects in the Distillery D

    i love the work being done in this area. get ready to see less projects as Rob ford is running the house. I hate that fat racist hillbilly. i thought toronto reflected my values but the stupid suburbs ruined everything with their conservitism.
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    Toronto Toronto | INDX Condos | 178.6m | 54s | Lifetime | P + S / IBI

    i love that idea, but i would also like it tobe visible from toronto island located close to the lakeshore.
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    Article: Tableau (117 Peter St @ Richmond St W, Urban Capital/Malibu/Alit, 36s, Wallm

    this is graet! and by the way i hate Rob ford!!!!! tat guy will be the worst mayor in the city's history.
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    Davies Smith's Ironstone Condominiums in Burlington Go Green with Geothermal

    Great that its environmentally friendly, but i like to hear more about toronto's project's that that of boring burlington
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    Freed Developments' Fashion House Condos Set To Begin Construction

    this is an awesome project. it fits in right in with the style and environment of the area.
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    Skyline International Moving Ahead With Canada Tower Hotel And Condos

    wow! i really hope this gets done. let's hope it's 20 storeys higher. this is a place in downtown where there is the opportunity for an iconic building.
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    Context's Market Wharf Condo Adds a Syncopated Beat to the St Lawrence Neighbourhood

    love this tower!!!! i cant wait ubtil the st lawrence market area is finished
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    Photo Of The Day: Downtown Toronto From Ward's Island On A Frigid Day

    amazing. i love this city. i wonder how its going to look like with trump international