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    Mississauga Toronto | 3115 Hurontario Street | 123.9m | 36s | Clearbrook | Sweeny &Co

    Let’s hope Sauga NIMBYs don’t kill this project too…
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    Toronto Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    I think you're forgetting GO here. By the time to Ontario Line is finished, we'd hopefully have GO RER running 100%. For people heading towards Union Station, it would be far more economical to have them just take GO from their suburban neighbourhoods. Especially if we get fare intergration...
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    GO Transit Midtown Corridor

    I agree with this sentiment, but I do have concerns... Let's use a trip from GO Kitchener. Express: 8 Pre-416 + Mount Dennis, Bloor, Union Local: 8 Pre-416 + Woodbine-Hwy 27, Mount Dennis, Stockyards, Bloor, King-Liberty and Union Assuming the UPX remains as its planned, you have 30min...
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    GO Transit Midtown Corridor

    (1)In order to drive local ridership at Smarttrack stations you have to keep reasonable headways. Once you get to 30+ mins, you won't get riders within the 416. People will just take a bus/streetcar that they know comes every 15 mins. (2) Stations like Front-Spadina and East Harbour are going to...
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    Toronto Toronto | Rogers Centre Renovations | ?m | ?s | Toronto Blue Jays | Populous

    I just don't think there's very much to be gained from replacing the turf. It looks a bit nicer? A couple less errors in the outfield? Maybe one fewer injury? Def not worth the cost. The Rogers Centre has far more pressing issues than some grass.
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    If we're lucky, we'll get a few peak-period trains 20 years from now. The Midtown line is a pipe dream. We already have well-utilized GO bus routes along Hwys 401 and 407. A mix of fare integration, improved station infrastructure, tighter headways and HOV/Bus lanes on these highways could...
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    Toronto Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    The Finch West LRT + GO RER on Kitchener and UPX is enough and shouldn't need relief. BRT would be far more cost effective on Jane anyway; hopefullly we'll get RapidTO lanes sooner than later. If you really want to extend OL west, extend it past the rail corridor to Sunnyside to relive the 501...