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    Valley Zoo

    ^it would certainly save time and energy.
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    Valley Zoo

    ^getting good? Have you ever watched a BBC sitcom called "Yes Minister"? I worked for the City for 14 yrs and (unfortunately), our section's yearly budget was always dropped in my lap to prep. We would prepare 4 scenarios as directed; maintain current, +4%, -2%, -5% (or some such amounts)...
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    The Parks | 146.91m | 45s | 35s | 13s | Pangman | Hariri Pontarini

    ^^^don't be too quick, maybe they just haven't punched through the insulating barrier yet. I understand the lack of windows below as that will be covered by the tall podium. Then again, maybe they are cutting back on glazing. We'll know in a couple of days.
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    I give up
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    ^^^^"mall owners are perfectly fine with Uzi-carrying assassins in sports cars.",,,huh?
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    Edmonton | Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities

    why are people so tied to the idea of the mega grocery store? The good folks in Manhattan get by with only 1 (one!) suburban format store (if it's even still there). The rest are neighbourhood block level bodegas and mid-sized stores like Gristeddes and D'agostinos. If you look at the Jasper...
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    Edmonton | The Shift | 113.08m | 38s | Edgar | MCM Partnership

    what is Calgary's Ctrain doing here?
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    hold on now. I live DT/Oliver. I don't have to "drive everywhere" as David A states, in fact, Oliver has one of, if not the highest walkability score of any neighbourhood in Edmonton. In fact, the only retail I cannot access without a vehicle at the moment is a hardware store; it's almost like I...
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    ^the land was a parking lot back when I first moved here in 1980...I just thought it came with the city.
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    The Mercury Block II | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    taking a good look at Mercury 1 yesterday over a pint at Brown's, I feel it's missed the mark; the interesting SW corner passage way into the inner courtyard is a missing element and the balcony railings, being black, blend into and disappear in the black walls. The whole thing could have been...
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    ^"too urban for edmonton"....what exactly does that mean? give your head a shake.
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    LRT Expansion Planning

    why would I, as a tax paying Edmontonian, wish to pick up the bill for Beaumont to get LRT? Let Beaumont pay, (and the GOA). Like they say, "not my farm, not my pig". I only hope that some of the groundwork done by the recently demised regional transit authority is still around for a...
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    2023 Predictions

    If the gondola does reanimate, I'd prefer it have little to do with integrating into the ETS system and more to do to tie existing attractions a gondola pass and get reduced entrance fees into the paid attractions. Route could go: (Muttart/Edmonton Queen/Edmonton Ski Club)...
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    ^ I was looking at a unit for sale in the Galleria last spring but was put off by the fact that they do not have a reserve fund. That's right, not a typo and told to me by the realtor who happens to also own a unit in the building. At some point the majority voted to dissolve the fund and go...
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    Legislature Grounds / Centennial Plaza

    a large temp fabric structure has been erected covering a good deal of the work area. I suppose so work can continue throughout the winter months.
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    Edmonton | Southpark on Whyte | 50.9m | 16s | ONE Properties | GBL Architects

    interesting to go back to page one and see all the we're here; lowered expectations.
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    Centurion 118 | 47m | 15s | Next Architecture

    ^same people who were doing another lot a few blocks away last week. (Saint Albert Parking Lot Maintenance)
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    Centurion 118 | 47m | 15s | Next Architecture

    ^^I too drove by this afternoon and it does look like they're just redoing the parking lot... 1) they removed approx 1 - 1.5 ' of dirt. 2) there are dump trucks delivering clean gravel to the site now it's been leveled. 3) no sign of any sort of pilings being put into the ground.
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    Edmonton | The MacLaren | 85.04m | 27s | Edgar | DIALOG

    what thread is this?
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    Edmonton | Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    ^ let me just say that I'd never live there with the "neighbourhood" as it is. saying that a pedway makes it safer just reiterates how bad it is.