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    Edmonton | Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Yup, the attractiveness of this development is based on walkable amenities and transit connectivity, not cost or square footage like outer ring suburbs. It makes complete sense that it is a harder sell currently without those present.
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    New Zoning Bylaw

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    Edmonton | Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    What kind of zoning restrictions does the commercial have, if any? For example, the mixed use building at 98ave and 95st in Cloverdale ended up with all office at grade, which feels like a real miss right next to the river valley. Would be good to maybe have some restrictions on office uses...
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    Edmonton | Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities

    Having grocery stores in residential areas is extremely common in basically every part of the world. The logistics seem difficult because North American companies are now used to using massive site, loading bays and trucks, but if we started building more urban/smaller grocers they would figure...
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    Edmonton | The Mercury Block | 21.7m | 6s

    When we go to other countries like Japan or Thailand, or even Germany, we often take the time to learn how to say things or places in their own language, even if we don't always get it right. Yet when it's a language that's native to our own country, we can't even take the five minutes to learn...
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    Edmonton | South Edmonton Hospital & Health Campus | ?m | ?s | Province of Alberta

    The UCP is firehosing right now. So much wild stuff coming out that no one can remember it all, or have time to be outraged by any of it. Hospitals way over capacity, fracturing and possible privatization of the healthcare system, meeting with Tucker Carlson, Caught lying about why they paused...
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    Alberta Politics

    Strange how little pushback there was from the party supporters considering the impacts to job creation and the economy. Almost like it's never been about those things, and just about blindly supporting the oil and gas industry no matter the costs
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    Alberta Politics
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    New Zoning Bylaw

    I understand not wanting 300 sqm of commercial, but 100 sqm is extremely limiting and largely kills the intent of allowing commercial. Very few businesses can make that size of space work. Even take out places with no seating often have larger back of houses than that. 200 sqm would have been a...
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    Vancouver | 424 & 454 W. Pender Street | 32m | 11s | Onni | IBI DAA

    Simple but well executed
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    Edmonton | Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    ^^Really? You're going to pretend that the potential danger of this area isn't more of a concern for women than it is for men? Equality doesn't mean you completely ignore our differences. Women are far more likely to feel insafe in this area, and they have legitimate reason to be.
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    Edmonton | The Mercury Block | 21.7m | 6s

    I don't know, I think I prefer 121 west's parking courtyard, much better use of space 😉
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    New Zoning Bylaw

    Its very frustrating that someone with absolutely no knowledge, experience, or expertise in a subject can write an opinion article like this and it will be taken more serious than the actually experts (many of whom likely had some involvement in the new bylaw mind you). It shows a complete lack...
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    New Zoning Bylaw

    That's scary. Almost everything they said is wrong. And not just like, a different opinion, but factually wrong in terms of research has found. Sprawl is way more expensive for the City, and artificially restricting land use intensity is costly for anyone who doesnt already own.
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    Edmonton | The Clancey | 103.02m | 28s | Wexford Developments | DIALOG

    Especially when the province is constantly attacking you, now even from the inside. Don't know about anyone else, but in u of a engineering I felt far from "liberally indoctrinated "...
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    Edmonton | The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280.1m | 80s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    Agreed. It feels a bit like the city heard, 'build it and they will come', and thought that applied to pavers and benches. People still need to have reasons to go to the area, things to do, and feel safe. A bunch of nice streets in between gravel parking lots isn't going to do much.
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    Edmonton | Century Gardens at Century Park | ?m | 7s | ProCura Real Estate | Gardner Architecture

    Exactly. Much better ground level treatment, even if they didn't want to use the brick.
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    Edmonton | Century Gardens at Century Park | ?m | 7s | ProCura Real Estate | Gardner Architecture

    Overall a positive development, but breaking up the podium level and having the building address the street with townhouse style units would have done wonders for this building. Not sure why Edmonton developers have such an aversion to have street accessed units even on the ground floor (yes, I...
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    Love it. I'm a bit confused by the orientation though, are the retail bays facing the lane? Can't say I've seen something like that before.
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    Suburban Development and Sprawl

    True. And if we didn't allow for infill, many of these old small homes would be replaced by Mcmansions that maximize the existing lot. Maybe they should have included a few of those as well haha, to show that changes will happen either way, so you might as well allow for some density.