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  1. Atticus

    Calgary | 1900 Marda Loop | 23m | 6s | Sarina Homes

    Seeing as it's Sarina building it I'm hopeful it will be built at a good pace like their other projects.
  2. Atticus

    Racism and Zoning discussion

    For sure some of it is related to classism. Every corner of the world has classism and it’s been around since the dawn of time. There will always be efforts to get away from it, but it will never go away completely, it’s not the way humans are built. This’ll ruffle some feathers I’m sure, but I...
  3. Atticus

    Calgary International Airport

    Good point. People from Edmonton or Winnipeg can hate on Calgary or WestJet for creating the current situation, but it’s no different for people in Ottawa or QC with AC routing all their traffic through Montreal. If Westjet wasn’t routing 8 flights a day of traffic from Winnipeg through Calgary...
  4. Atticus

    Calgary International Airport

    Hopefully you’re not like some of the SSP Edmonton forumers who are purposely avoiding YYC even if it means more money or an inferior schedule lol. With YYC handling 18 million passengers a year, they aren’t going to notice the absence of a half dozen disgruntled forumers. You can avoid YYC if...
  5. Atticus

    Calgary | Kensington Mixed Use | ?m | 9s | Stonebriar | McKinley Burkart

    Some smaller projects not mentioned are Palfreville apartments (20 units) home space in 14th street (27 units) and the one immediately west of the Hillhurst United Church.
  6. Atticus

    Urban Multi-Family Construction Count Tracker

    Great to see plenty of units still u/c. It feels like there is a definitive shift from high rise concrete towers to smaller 5/1 style builds. There are only two high rise builds at or below grade (fourth Street lofts, and First and Park), and both of those are a ways along, there are no new...
  7. Atticus

    Calgary | Glenmore Landing | 115m | 35s | RioCan | NORR

    What I mean by necessary is, the developer is asking for up to 36 stories, so i’m assuming they must think it’s necessary for this development. My concern isn’t with shadowing, only that it’s a large development for a small area that has two ingress points/one egress point. It has BRT, but I’d...
  8. Atticus

    Calgary | Glenmore Landing | 115m | 35s | RioCan | NORR

    I don’t agree with the residents with respect to the parkland. The area they are referring to isn’t used much by anyone as parkland. I’m okay with the city developing it. I kind of agree with the residents about the height and number of buildings. Are towers 36 stories high really necessary for...
  9. Atticus

    Statscan numbers

    Where did that figure if 184k come from? Not disagreeing, but curious of where the star comes from. 184K is massive.
  10. Atticus

    General Construction Updates

    I guess I’m happy that this is getting built, but it’s so effing annoying that some nice old buildings have to come down when there are plenty of empty lots all over the place that could be developed.
  11. Atticus

    Calgary | Shaganappi Multi-Residential | 20.6m | 6s | Advent | Gravity Architecture

    This is the perfect type of development for that location. And if you’re paying attention Brookfield: this is how it’s done.
  12. Atticus

    Calgary | Crown Park | 11m | 3s | Brookfield

    Agree 100%. This is an major waste of an opportunity. Why Brookfield would even go with such low density in a strategic location I have no idea when it could’ve gotten approved for so much more. Exactly my thoughts. Why waste such a great location on a bunch of townhouses that could easily be...
  13. Atticus

    Calgary | Kincora Towers | 49m | 16s | Rockport Group | S2

    A more apt name might be Kincora Fortress.
  14. Atticus

    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | West Campus

    They definitely missed on the bike lanes. The problem also was the timing as the initial designs were done quite a while ago before cycling infrastructure became a popular staple in planning. Word is they are looking at putting in bike lanes. It’s easily doable, but agreed, it would have been...
  15. Atticus

    Calgary | The Sentinel | 24m | 6s | Arlington Street | Jackson McCormick

    I know they use fireproofed wood, but I’d hate to see a fire happen in a 12 storey building made of wood. Things could get ugly.
  16. Atticus

    Who will be Alberta's largest metro in a decade?

    Here' are my predictions. Toronto 12.0M Montreal 5.0M Vancouver 3.6M Calgary 2.8M Edmonton 2.3M Ottawa 2.2M I predict Toronto will run away with things, as they keep adding people and will probably expand their metro CSa boundaries. Maybe including Hamilton by then. Montreal will grow, but not...
  17. Atticus

    I Don’t Regret Moving To Calgary From Toronto

    Not to be a nitpick, but I have found the Cambodian restaurants in Toronto, to be more like Thai or Vietnamese places with a few somewhat Cambodian dishes on the side. Of course Calgary doesn't have anything close to Cambodian, so I shouldn't complain about Toronto. Vancouver has a place that is...
  18. Atticus

    Is retail traffic moving away from the +15 and onto popular streets?

    I use the +15 now that I'm back to work once or twice a week. I haven't seen many businesses closing, but almost all businesses are less busy than the were before covid. I can't help but wonder how long some of the businesses can hang in there with how slow it's going. Not that I care much, I'm...
  19. Atticus

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    It's ugly, but also looks to be a case of a bad rendering job. It'll probably end up looking better than the rendering, though it'll still be mundane.
  20. Atticus

    Calgary | 1901 College | 16m | 5s | Truman I FAAS

    Let's hope so. Lately the process seems to be, tear down buildings and clear trees, let site for two years, drill some piles, let sit for a year, excavate and build. Once topped out, let the exterior sit covered in Tyvek for a year.