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  1. Airboy

    Alberta Politics

    About 1989. The refineries were just starting back during Lougheed's time. At least the Petro Canada Refinery was new at the time.
  2. Airboy

    Alberta Politics

    I believe at the time annexation was happening. Refinery row was not part. Strathcona county had a big say in how that was lopped off. Also why Sherwood park is not a city. If they were they would loose the revenue. Maybe a combination of Getty and Klien.
  3. Airboy

    Alberta Politics

    And Annex refinery row. Since we go screwed out of in by Klien.
  4. Airboy

    Winter City

    Laurier Park rink is new this year. The lack of snow is really affecting the fat bike riding. But MTB was good up until this week.
  5. Airboy

    Epic Square | ?m | 2s | Epic Investment Services

    Yup I agree this is one of the best and most consistent shops. I would do a side trip on the way to the office but driving the East Henday is a death wish. As for Epic square, it is really helping fill out that area nicely.
  6. Airboy


    Another one that seems to be stalled.
  7. Airboy

    Urban National Park Option for the River Valley

    Anything to do with the GoC is bad.
  8. Airboy

    Urban National Park Option for the River Valley

    Municipal Act. Im trying to find the clause. But the GoA really hates Ottawa. .....until they need them. Like funding a new Dow Chem plant.
  9. Airboy

    Urban National Park Option for the River Valley

    Couldn't find the thread, But it looks like the Provincial Gov had tabled legislation that Edmonton cannot enter into negotiations to create an Urban National Park.
  10. Airboy

    General Food & Dining Thread

    I believe they have the location on 142st changed to a bar a few years back. Century group must still own them.
  11. Airboy

    Edmonton | Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    For quality builds these are all of residential level work. Multi did have me double taking a few times, but they may have been just a step down. From a guy that spends most of his time in industrial, commercial and institutional construction reviewing residential always has me bite my tongue.
  12. Airboy

    General Food & Dining Thread

    And in the demise of lackluster places. The last Deluxe burger closed in St Albert Last week.
  13. Airboy

    Capital Line LRT

    Its at least 2 stories under but is just under the surface as it crosses the road. It depends on what portion you are in. west side is higher that the central. east side is 15 to 20 ft down from the park surface. Its been about 5 years since I was last down.
  14. Airboy

    Edmonton | Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    When I was with a different consultant Blatchford was one of my projects. There were a number of mid rise units in the planning stage. There were also a few site planned for 8 story. which I believe were still moving forward. I did not see anything near the station though. As for the waste to...
  15. Airboy


    Construction wise there appears to be lots coming. Lots of RFPs as well in the new year
  16. Airboy

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    Could Help us in the future but Porter upped their purchase of Embarc aircraft by 25.,with%2025%20purchase%20rights%20remaining. Also saw an Article where Cargo jet is purchasing a...
  17. Airboy

    Edmonton | Riverbank Landing | 50m | 15s | Boudreau Communities | Arc Studio

    Great St Albert Gets a tower crane.
  18. Airboy

    Edmonton | Edmonton Convention Centre Atrium Modernization | ?m | ?s | ECC | DIALOG

    So is this project moving to Dub Time. When I went by last week it appeared that no work had been done since August.
  19. Airboy

    Edmonton | Stanley A. Milner Library | ?m | 6s | EPL | Teeple Architects

    As a care giver its quite the trip when moving a wheelchair around that area.
  20. Airboy

    Edmonton | Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

    It is used as a lunch spot. But since I am not down there anymore I can't say. But prior to Covid the major design work was done and I remember that there were some inklings of some tenants. But I left Stantec and lost track of where is sat. The plan was to have independents and a liquor liences.