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    Calgary International Airport

    Have any US airlines flown LAX / YYC before? It’s a hub for the big 3 US airlines but doesn’t seem to have many Canadian connections
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    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    Loved staying in the old Olympic Village ones in Barcelona. We had a pool in our courtyard. So much street life
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    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    To me there will only be enough foot traffic on that corner when the east end of 17 ave gets built out. With the rebuild of the CTrain station there it might be a go to place. If foot traffic does improve there at that point I’m sure future new buildings on 17th ave will have the appropriate...
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    Calgary | Oliver | 121.3m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    There used to be bike lanes on 10th ave. Took them out when 12 ave got the cycle track. Think your idea is good though
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    Calgary International Airport

    It seems that the numbers rise dramatically over 2019 once the new flights to Europe started in the spring. The feed they had from the US and domestically definitely had something to do with the rise in numbers. We’ll see how the numbers compare now that most of the WS Europe/Asia flights are...
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    Crane Count

    New crane up at the Hampton Inn on 6th ave
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    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    I believe they are twinning the bridge as well
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    Calgary | Gallery First & Tenth | 70m | 18s | Truman I FAAS

    Well if there was a sliver of hope that this block wasn’t going to get torn down I think that has passed. No one’s spending money to fix fire/water/smoke damage
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    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    This link is off of Alberta Transportation Deerfoot page
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    Calgary International Airport

    It’ll be interesting where they put that frame. I could see increased frequencies to Rome and Barcelona. Maybe even daily Tokyo?
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    Calgary International Airport

    I’m confused by this. They flew this last summer so I don’t get how this frees up a frame?
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    Calgary | Flyover Block | 20m | 6s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    Think this project is just like every other similar one in the city. There is either a shortage of exterior materials or labour. Most sit waiting as well.
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    Racism and Zoning discussion

    I had to check twice and see if I was on SSP…
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    Calgary | Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    After reading this I had a thought. If it costs maybe 1-2 billion $$$ to put red and blue lines under ground through downtown. Would that money not be better spent extending the green line north or south from this initial phases. I’d rather have the line extended right up through NC Calgary than...
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    Calgary International Airport

    It’s like this is a new issue. The big 4 airports in Canada all draw from their regions and across Canada. It’s actually a good thing. If each airport only served their immediate area then only YYZ, YUL and possibly YVR would have populations big enough to support the vast amount of...
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    Calgary | Kensington Mixed Use | ?m | 9s | Stonebriar | McKinley Burkart

    Fencing and site prep always a good sign.
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    Calgary International Airport August YYC Statistics
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    Calgary | Munro | 26m | 7s | Calgary Co-op | NORR

    This may have been answered in the past, but where does all the full go from the excavation?
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    Urban Multi-Family Construction Count Tracker

    these numbers are just “inner city” brownfield like developments. The suburbs have thousands of new greenfield units under construction as well. My area (Evanston,SageHill, Nolan hills, Carrington etc) probably 3-5 thousand multi-family units just finished or are under construction alone. To me...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Your response makes zero sense