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  1. kora

    Calgary | Gallery First & Tenth | 70m | 18s | Truman I FAAS

    For sure. It would have also destroyed Eau Claire, both the recreational wonderland that it is and the most expensive real estate property in Calgary. We have enough semi-freeways that roll through our downtown. Now let's fix that.
  2. kora

    General Construction Updates

    I don't think 17th Avenue has ever looked better. Ever since the pandemic created the now permanent patio program, 17th is transformed and better than ever because it's busier. While the patios have harmed pedestrian flow, they have enlivened the street like nothing before.
  3. kora

    Who will be Alberta's largest metro in a decade?

    I don't see a lot of difference between Houston, Dallas or Atlanta. Calgary can be reasonably compared to any of them, but it's much more like Denver than either of those 3.
  4. kora

    Who will be Alberta's largest metro in a decade?

    It's possible. Vancouver's big advantage is its huge immigration numbers. It's on track this year to attract around 60,000 immigrants. That's 1 million new people in less than 20 years at current rates. Calgary needs to start attracting over 30,000 immigrants a year before it will have a chance...
  5. kora

    General Construction Updates

    There are plenty of "urban style" McDonalds everywhere in the world with no parking or drive thru. Surprised this one got approved in this format.
  6. kora

    General Construction Updates

    are they allowing a drive thru from 17th Avenue?
  7. kora

    Statscan numbers

    Even with current metro boundaries for Calgary CMA, there is a chance we hit 2 million by 2030. It would assume 50K annual growth over the 8 year period to 2030.
  8. kora

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    I'm glad we have something iconic in this area to replace the landmark Saddledome. Maybe this will be the name frame for famous Calgary skyline photos.
  9. kora

    Calgary | Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    They should convert the Saddledome to a parkade. Save the facade as much as possible
  10. kora

    Calgary Skylines

  11. kora

    Calgary's Homeless

    I haven't been in the City for 15 months, has it really gotten that bad so quickly at the Superstore? They used to have a security guard there whenever the store was open. The other side of shopping there is that some people don't have a choice but to shop there. Especially for people without...
  12. kora

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    "We're seeing record levels of outmigration from Ontario to other provinces, primarily Alberta and Atlantic Canada ... most of them are young adults, between 25 and 35" CBC News, Ontario's young adults are leaving the province in droves. The soaring cost of living is to blame, March 15 2023...
  13. kora

    Office Space Conversion

    Our office to residential conversion program is getting international attention in The Economist magazine. "The future of family living" The Economist, p. 63, February 11 2023 "Calgary, where one in three offices sits vacant, is home to one of the more ambitious plans. In 2021 the Canadian...