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  1. J

    Toronto Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    This intersection could survive with only one lane of traffic heading south through the intersection, giving one lane to bus only. Not many people would be turning right anyway if they're coming down from Dixon...they'd do that earlier.
  2. J

    Mississauga Toronto | Pearson Transit Hub | ?m | ?s | GTAA

    Your shuttle, in Windsor at least, has been solved by the announcement 3 days ago about extending Amtrak's train to the Windsor VIA station. article here
  3. J

    Ontario Line North of Eglinton (was Relief Line North) (Speculation)

    I've heard they're looking at Sheppard East and West.
  4. J

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Eglinton North can probably be re-named 'Sunnybrook Park', to align with the closest Crosstown stop at Leslie.
  5. J

    Toronto Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    I see this as a way of nicely packaging for the Province a way to support the City's operating hole without it seemingly like the government is just giving Toronto a cheque. The City has a hole of X hundred million...either give us money to fill part of that entire hole, or take responsibility...
  6. J

    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    Presumably you're talking about an inspection on GO, as you wouldn't be tapping off on TTC? And it wasn't live on the weekend on TTC.
  7. J

    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    In this morning's press conference, they mentioned that was coming soon.
  8. J

    Toronto Harbour Ferries

    Owner of Centreville bought one of them back in 2017 (article link), and its visible in streetview below. It's even been tagged on Google Maps.
  9. J

    Richmond Hill Toronto | Yonge North Subway Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    I think this has been discussed here (somewhere) before, but I think the Leaside Spur Trail is still zoned in a way that it could be converted back to a transport corridor. You'd have about 140 homes (and one condo) that probably wouldn't be happy, but I wouldn't it be hard to justify a $1B...
  10. J

    Bruce Power: New Nuclear Generation Capacity

    The simple analogy I like is that electrification of transport alone in Ontario will require the equivalent of an extra Darlington in base load. And that''s before you decarbonize home heating, industrial, etc. We'll need that electricity.
  11. J

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Question...does LSW need 4 tracks to hit max service? I'm curious whether there is width to extend OL west along the corridor before going underground to go up Jane for a possible west extension. Both would have surface station at Roncesvalles. Option 1 would go underground up South Kingsway...
  12. J

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Incorporate Jane LRT into OL West (like DRL into OL) and I think you have it. Also doesn't hurt as an election promise as a win for the Premier's nephew's riding in the next election.
  13. J

    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    In Weston, I'll be curious to see whether a co-fare pushes people from UPX onto GO, even with its less frequent and slightly slower trips in rush hour. I can't imagine the co-fare would apply to UPX (using TTC-fare). Perhaps if the base fare is the UP, and TTC is a free addition. UPX probably...
  14. J

    Toronto Toronto | 5500 Dundas West | 14.63m | 2s | First Capital | Turner Fleischer

    One of the phase 1 towers at Sherway takes up the existing Tesla store parking (and the old Holt Renfrew footprint).
  15. J

    Toronto Toronto | Ontario Line: Exhibition Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    So PRESTO will calculate whether you're riding Ontario Line, or if you tap off at a GO station? Might mean that Ontario Line will have tap on/ tap off? Otherwise, if the default for a gate tap for someone entering at Exhibition is Ontario Line fare, then you could get a lot of fraud by people...
  16. J

    Mississauga Toronto | Hurontario-Main LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    This is what I was thinking. You could even make it a free loop if you wanted, like they have in the CBD on their trams in Melbourne.
  17. J

    Eglinton East LRT | Metrolinx

    If their proposed (as noted in the 2022 Master Plan) maglev does move forward, you could theoretically have a spur go through the proposed yard with a cross-platform connection down in the valley. That would require a lot less track work, but be much more disruptive to the park. You might also...
  18. J

    Mid Humber Gap Trail Study (City of Toronto)

    Has been raised to the MPP's office, as when he was councilor, he supported the trail. Suspicion is that someone from the golf course went running to the province. The province has NEVER asked for this level of EA for any trail in Toronto before.
  19. J

    Richmond Hill Toronto | Yonge North Subway Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    Wouldn't this extension require a new northern yard (smaller than Downsview)? I don't see where that would go other than some vacant land around 10555 Yonge St. (seems wrong type of land use) or over by the Richmond Hill GO station parking lots.
  20. J

    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    Wonder if this would apply to UP too? 🤞