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  1. APTA-2048

    Waterloo Region Transit Developments (ION LRT, new terminal, GRT buses)

    Routes 6 and 21. There will be 11 buses in total.
  2. APTA-2048

    Waterloo Region Transit Developments (ION LRT, new terminal, GRT buses)

    First day of service for their battery-electric bus.
  3. APTA-2048

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    My bus got caught up in the protest, so I got off and took a picture.
  4. APTA-2048

    Train Spotting

    Thanks! Looking forward to eventually riding one to Montreal.
  5. APTA-2048

    Train Spotting

    It’s still kind of a treat for me to catch the new Siemens trains. Not that many Toronto trips yet.
  6. APTA-2048

    Mississauga Toronto | Hurontario-Main Line 10 LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    Are they going to have to renumber MiWay route 10? And if this line numbering scheme is supposed to compliment the TTC line numbers, what about TTC route 10?
  7. APTA-2048

    Toronto Toronto | Union Pearson Express | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | MMM Group Limited

    I used to do this to get High Park from Union until they separated the UP fare from the GO fare. Back then, with the transfer credit at Union from the Lakeshore Line, the Union to Bloor leg was free.
  8. APTA-2048

    Metrolinx: Other Items (catch all)

    Oakville Transit bought these electric minibuses from Turkish manufacture Karsan last year. They’re used on on-demand and paratransit. They’ve had a few teething issues, but they seem to be running better now. Range still seems to be an issue in the cold, though.
  9. APTA-2048

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    I don’t have an in depth understanding of GO’s operations, but my question is: why are they still running six-car trains?
  10. APTA-2048

    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    They actually will be doing the rest of the Series II coaches.
  11. APTA-2048

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Safety never stops. Destination sécurité. Sans arrêt.
  12. APTA-2048

    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    Also with each other. I think the current scheme was more about agencies connecting to the TTC. Though I wonder if for a journey where someone starts on the TTC and, say, transfers to Mississauga, then to Oakville in under two hours that results in only one (TTC) fare paid. I haven’t looked at...
  13. APTA-2048

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)
  14. APTA-2048

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Suspicious package found at Bronte. Bomb unit on scene.
  15. APTA-2048

    Durham Region Transit / Pulse

    That would be related to the CAD/AVL, which I’m not sure the leased buses will be getting. Can’t confirm either way. Have been told, they will apparently have Presto installed, though.
  16. APTA-2048

    Intercity Bus Services

    According to a friend who spoke with a TOK driver today, another company has picked up these routes and plans to run them with smaller buses.
  17. APTA-2048

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions) Worth reading the whole thing.
  18. APTA-2048

    Pret A Manger coming to Canada!

    Tried it today. Was actually a bit surprised they opened on a Sunday. Weekends they’re open until 16:00. Looks like a lot of their stuff had been sold when I got there just before closing which is a good sign. Got an egg salad sandwich (a bit pricy, but was expecting that). It was good and on...