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  1. Stephen Ave

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    When it comes to normal, the normal for Calgary is at the weather can be anything at any time lol. I grew up in Southeastern Ontario, and when I first moved here, I couldn’t decide if the winters were warmer or colder. Some days the winters would seem so much warmer, with above freezing...
  2. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | The Cunningham | 17m | 5s | Brava Developments

    The placement of the materials and colours is awkward, but I’ll take it. It’s a good fit for the area and a good density boost.
  3. Stephen Ave

    Calgary and Alberta Green Energy Projects

    I had no idea we had solar farms that large in the city.
  4. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | First & Park | 75m | 18s | Graywood

    Outside of Europe or NA then, what is the global standard that this should be? Don't mention curtain wall, because that's happening, the economics don't make sense. It doesn't leave too many other options.
  5. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | The Isaac on 9th | 22m | 6s | M2SC

    I stand corrected on Southbank, as I don't know the history of who was behind it, and if the people behind it had Inglewood's interests then that's great, all the power to them. I disagree with the notion that Avli's design is due to a REIT who doesn't care about Inglewood, that's more what mu...
  6. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | The Isaac on 9th | 22m | 6s | M2SC

    I prefer Avli myself, even though Southbank turned out very well. It's a personal choice based on Avli being more unique, which in many ways lends itself better to Inglewood. Southbank is very solid, but also quite conservative.
  7. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | The Isaac on 9th | 22m | 6s | M2SC

    It's the other way around. South Block is owned by Opus, and the Avli project is partly owned by the original long time owners of the land, which iirc was a auto repair place. The people who owned the Avli land wanted to build something interesting for Inglewood. That said, Avli might be owned...
  8. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | Northland Village Redevelopment | 19m | 6s | DIALOG

    Blue line to Redstone isn't a priority for me unless there's a spur to the airport. It needs to be done someday, but I'd rather see money go to the Green line or to improve existing stations and sections, focusing on better TOD infrastructure etc..
  9. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    I’d rather we spent the 100 million and did the tunnel, even if it meant holding off the north leg a bit longer. 20 years from now people will be asking why we didn’t tunnel it to 16th. It’ll be so much more expensive and so much more of a hassle to do it 25 years from now.
  10. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | AHC 6th Ave | 25m | 6s | Attainable Homes Calgary | Hindle Architects

    Nice to see so many projects suddenly going.
  11. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | The Forge | 16.5m | 6s | Kanas | Gibbs Gage

    My fingers are crossed, but I’m betting it’ll be brick as per the rendering.
  12. Stephen Ave

    Who will be Alberta's largest metro in a decade?

    Interesting stuff Beltline. I didn’t move here until 1998 and never knew much of the back history. I’m curious to where the population numbers from past years come from? I couldn’t find much on Google except for this site and I don’t know if it’s accurate.
  13. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | Oliver | 121.3m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    Love the canyon look on that last pic!
  14. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | Wellings of Calgary | 49.68m | 14s | Wellings of Calgary | Onespace

    ^That is one huge pile of earth, anyone know what it’s being used for?
  15. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | 16th Ave Mixed Use Towers | 44m | 12s | LaCaille Group | S2

    I believe so. No render if the second tower but the DP shows the plans to be the same
  16. Stephen Ave

    Statscan numbers

    Lower incomes. The average wage in Montreal is way lower than a Calgary, Ottawa or Edmonton. Even though the average price of a house is cheaper, the wages, being much lower, and the property taxes being higher, make it less affordable. You also have the fact that immigration is driving housing...
  17. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | Marda Loop Commercial | 10m | 2s | Certus

    Wonderful proposal. Certus knows how it’s done!
  18. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | Calgary Cancer Centre | 75m | 14s | Province of Alberta | Stantec

    Interesting name, and good on that guy to donate 50 mil. I’m curious to see what it ends up being called in the end, I’ve heard lots of people call the Tom Baker Cancer Centre of the Baker Centre. But calling this the Child centre sounds like some hospital for children or something.
  19. Stephen Ave

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    I like the way this is turning out.
  20. Stephen Ave

    Lilacfest 2023

    I went to the lilac festival, and buzzing is a good way to describe it. Super busy, and if I’m being honest, may be a bit too busy. Either way, it’s nice to see so many people downtown out and about.