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  1. just east of the creek

    The Coming Disruption of Transport

    Your common levels of equipment might include anything that is pto driven as well. Swappable power packs for the tractor, and the manure spreader. I suppose this would all revolve around endurance levels and the ease of swapping I.e would my wife be able to swap batteries while running the baler...
  2. just east of the creek

    The Coming Disruption of Transport

    The one things that your replies have made clear to me is that their is much, much more to learn about this topic and the technologies involved. I’ll have to think about this a bit more, and it may be time to recruit some outside expertise to advise on longer term view of farming operations...
  3. just east of the creek

    Burlington Toronto | Nautique Lakefront Residences | 88.39m | 26s | Adi | Icon

    Ugly and growing more so every week. That podium as you come around the bend....ugly with the big U.
  4. just east of the creek

    The Coming Disruption of Transport

    Case has a BEV utility farm tractor being delivered starting this year. Rated at 75 hp, this would trend to the the upper end of the scale for a utility. With a claimed run time of 4 hours, fast charging options, and autonomous run options, it is intriguing. No real world reviews that I am aware...
  5. just east of the creek

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    In Montreal again, staying downtown, but a little further to the west, so closer to Concordia. A couple of photos of bike lanes - definitive bike lanes at that. Whether to protect the concrete curbs during the winter season from plow damage, or as a guard against vehicle intrusions for stopping...
  6. just east of the creek

    The Coming Disruption of Transport

    To be clear, you are referring to ‘daily’ operating expenses? It’s not something that we had looked at closely, surmising that the application of the tech had far to go and costs would be recalibrated with time. You are suggesting otherwise then. Multifuel is often talked about but has its own...
  7. just east of the creek

    The Coming Disruption of Transport

    I love this conversation, especially after using a Bixie bike today to get to a meeting I’m downtown Montreal. The EA assured me that I would not be the first person to show up in a suit and a bicycle helmut. (Perhaps the same in Toronto, but not my experience yet) Anyways. My take on EV’s...
  8. just east of the creek

    QEW - Mississauga/Credit River Project

    I drove past the site today and they appear to be pouring new deck. I believe the first phase of the new deck covers about 50% of the total deck surface, the center section. Then (I imagine) they will reconstruct the two outer sections. Crews appeared to be pecking away at some of the other...
  9. just east of the creek

    Canada and the World

    Speaking of the True North Strong and Free, April 9th marks the beginning of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 107 years ago. If your family has roots in Canada dating to the early 1900’s, chances are you have a family connection somewhere. For those feeling light on details, or simply wondering why...
  10. just east of the creek

    VIA Rail

    I agree. The Mennonite community has been very strong in these areas and even around the areas we farm in, the influx of Mexican Mennonites has been substantial and impactful. And we could go on, but maybe in a thread on UT agriculture (with a more 'urban' 905 region farming discussion)...and we...
  11. just east of the creek

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    It might be useful to start adding a cost consideration to many of the ideas that are promoted on UT (and I am as guilty as anyone in promoting a good 'cause' without much thought to any budget or cost considerations). If we had our own FAO office to add some relevant cost considerations to...
  12. just east of the creek

    VIA Rail

    I could not agree more with your posting. There are areas for growth in Ontario, but the wholesale cannibalism of Ontario Farmland (Region of Waterloo being the latest) calls for change. Change in planning, changes in economic growth policy, changes in the political makeup of some leadership...
  13. just east of the creek

    Bruce Power: New Nuclear Generation Capacity

    Not sure a new thread on Nuclear Power or Storage was started, so I will post here for now. I ran across this article, I do not know much about the program, except in generalities, and cannot comment on the science and engineering involved, but this is of interest given the discussions ongoing...
  14. just east of the creek

    Toronto Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    I hope there will be some eager photographers tracking the emergence of greenery into the new river area. Twenty five years from now it will be intriguing to compare the evolving ‘finished’ product.
  15. just east of the creek

    Feeding wildlife prohibited April 2023

    Like these babies….there are a few carnivores of the sky around, and closer to the airport, we have seen some good examples of them consuming while perched on the nearby pedestrian lighting standard, much to the horror of some. But to make an effect in Toronto we will need a few more patrolling...
  16. just east of the creek

    Toronto events and festivals

    It’s Baseball Season Boys and Girls, even in Montreal, where it is showing on the very big screen in the local pub. Time for some wings and beer, popcorn and coolers and welcome back the boys of summer. One of Canada’s great underground rural summer sports, softball or hardball, played in every...
  17. just east of the creek

    Feeding wildlife prohibited April 2023

    A resident peregrine falcon population, or red tails would enjoy keeping the pigeons in check, and their dining habits would horrify most onlookers, but perhaps add some education about what the food chain is really like.
  18. just east of the creek

    Montréal Transit Developments

    I am in Montreal again, staying downtown for a change, and wandering around admiring all the same REM construction sites that I have seen for a year or two. Are they expecting to complete the work this summer and begin to return the surface areas back to ‘normal’? The REM site seemed...
  19. just east of the creek

    Marineland (?, ?s, ?)

    This makes a lot of sense, incorporates parts of the Bruce Trail (another long escarpment park just waiting to happen), and provides Ontarians with another Urban Park. However, I will argue that farmland can be part of a parks system, a farmland trust if you like, protecting certain classes of...
  20. just east of the creek

    Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    Yes. I can see that and agree to that. However I can see the Feds shouldering loan guarantees (like they did with Trans Mountain). However I am not sure,, and have not had time to look, and maybe it’s not known yet, how the corporate structure of this venture will be organized in terms of...