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  1. BKha

    Cascade | 19m | 5s | NewGen | FAAS Architecture

    The part that worries me is the stucco on that east wall. Anyone else want to bet they’ll be replacing it 5-10 years?
  2. BKha

    Calgary | Magna | 21m | 6s | Jayman | Integra Architecture

    It depends where in DT and Beltline, lots of good areas, but yeah EV has turned sour.
  3. BKha

    Calgary | Magna | 21m | 6s | Jayman | Integra Architecture

    I don’t know if we’re talking about the same Parkdale or Hillhurst, :-) Most single-family homes in those neighbourhoods are well over 1 million. I looked in both those neighbourhoods a few years ago and the prices for single detached were out of my reach - other than a few of the older homes...
  4. BKha

    Calgary | Magna | 21m | 6s | Jayman | Integra Architecture

    When it comes to buying, people are understandably more cautious. The core has its virtues, but also has its downsides. As Discostu previously stated, University District gives you a quasi urban experience without the downsides.
  5. BKha

    Calgary | Midtown Station | ?m | ?s | IBI Group

    Sorry, but I highly doubt this will get built. If it was something like East Village, with CMLC, and a group of multiple developers, yes, I could see it being built, but this developer has no history and not even any online information. These guys have less experience than the people building...
  6. BKha

    Calgary | CNIB | 86m | 27s | CNIB | S2

    Most of us are heavily pro development. Given Calgary’s lack of high density development in past decades, for better or for worse, a lot of us are anxious to catch up.
  7. BKha

    Calgary | Uxborough Phase 1 | 45m | 14s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    That bridge will be nice. It’s an ugly, wide pedestrian crossing at the moment.
  8. BKha

    Canada Immigration discussion

    It’s super easy to know which students are international students. Students generally talk to each other. For the record, I'm not against international students, overall I think it's a net benefit to Canada, as they help bring in money to the country and to our universities. I also don't see...
  9. BKha

    Calgary | Village Block | 27m | 6s | Liberty Housing | Metafor

    Looks great, now we wait for VE version.
  10. BKha

    Calgary | CNIB | 86m | 27s | CNIB | S2

    If they build a couple of towers in the 20-27 floor range, Bridgeland skyline won’t have any competition for a while! Suck it University District lol
  11. BKha

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas all. Christmas wish: -Brentwood Commons go ahead -Sovereign go ahead -Sunnyside project on 10th to go ahead
  12. BKha

    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | University of Calgary Properties Group

    Thank god for the retail at the base. The major downside is that its for storage, so it will sit idle 99% of the time.
  13. BKha

    Calgary | Heritage Station Towers | 85m | 28s | Westcorp | GEC

    I get the sense that these towers will be charcoal aluminum panels, and won’t end up anything too special. Still, I’m happy about this, it’s a win overall with the disappearance of a dirt lot next to an LRT station, and the addition of more density near an LRT station.
  14. BKha

    Carbon Tax: good or bad?

    I’m sure this topic will generate a lot of debate, for me this is more about understanding the carbon tax. I’ve seen so much debate on it recently, but I don’t know what stuff is true and what isn’t. So for me, personally, I’ve generally been a supporter of the carbon tax, but I admit, I don’t...
  15. BKha

    Calgary | Lynbrooke Manor | 18.9m | 6s | Western Securities | Hindle Architects

    I really like this one. Nice, simple and elegant.
  16. BKha

    Calgary | Francecso's | 48m | 16s | Arlington Street | DAAS

    Agree that height has lost its lustre, but one or two really tall ones for Calgary would be nice.
  17. BKha

    Calgary | Francecso's | 48m | 16s | Arlington Street | DAAS

    Panorama Hills… phffff. The Beltine is probably past 30K by now and watching Panorama disappear in its rear view mirror.
  18. BKha

    Calgary | The Barron | 43m | 11s | Strategic Group | Gibbs Gage

    Every time I pass the site there are workers and activity, but from the outside there isn’t any visible progress.
  19. BKha

    Calgary | Crown Park | 11m | 3s | Brookfield

    So disappointing to see suburban townhomes built on this location. Something this close of walking distance to an LRT station should be higher density and judging by their marketing website, the target clients aren’t the type to do any kind of walking to an LRT station, only driving their beemer...
  20. BKha

    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | University of Calgary Properties Group

    Outside of the miss on the bike lanes, University District has been an major success in my opinion.