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  1. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    ^ Further reading @sebajun since you're new. February 2024 March 2024
  2. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    ^ The desire is there. Track capacity to deal with pinch points with CN required, between Bramalea and Georgetown. If you look at the latest Capital Project Group report for the recent Metrolinx Board meeting, they hint at work that will happen on the CN Halton Sub for the Kitchener Line...
  3. Allandale25

    Transit Ridership Statistics & Tracking

    Latest Brampton Transit ridership posted in that thread by @Wm Perkins Bull
  4. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    We're getting close, but I don't believe this has been official posted to GO's website yet.
  5. Allandale25

    General railway discussions

    I guess it's going to be test/used somewhere in the US? Or are these being shipped out of the US? (I don't have time to pull the pictures and add them to the post)
  6. Allandale25

    Ottawa Transit Developments
  7. Allandale25

    Toronto Bike Share

  8. Allandale25

    Danforth Line 2 Scarborough Subway Extension

    Not sure if there's a Scarbrough RT legacy thread or if this one is okay to post content like this. cc @Northern Light
  9. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    As a general question, would it be benefits if they had turnouts with higher speeds? Is it a worry that they aren't going higher?
  10. Allandale25

    Streetcar Tracks on Adelaide

    Some of the concrete pouring today.
  11. Allandale25

    Mississauga Toronto | Hurontario-Main Line 10 LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx Brief reference to the LRT. "The redevelopment isn’t the only big change planned for downtown as the province announced plans to kickstart the Hurontario LRT project with an...
  12. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Good point. Memory is fading but I don't remember if they got crowds like that or if I saw any pictures of it in 2015 for the Pan Am Games ridership there.
  13. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Record day for West Harbour? Would have cut the travel time has the connecting track been in already.
  14. Allandale25

    Toronto Toronto | Ontario Line 3 | ?m | ?s

    Corktown meeting coming up. Registration link:
  15. Allandale25

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    You beat the GO LSE twitter account for reporting this. Current delay:
  16. Allandale25

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    From the report @Northern Light posted in the Bloor Yonge Capacity Improvements thread here, interesting to see the progress on the new siding at Rosedale and the TTC's search for a new Line 1 yard. If folks here had to locate a new yard for Line 1, where would you put it?