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    Calgary real estate market

    Yeah I'm also looking to move back to Calgary in the next year or two and my eyes start watering every time I think about rent 😮‍💨 I used to share a 4 bedroom duplex for $1300/m (total). Now I'll be looking at $1700/m+ for a 2bdr apartment. Ouch. As much as I love the growth Calgary is seeing...
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    Statscan numbers

    It blows my mind that that many people could arrive in Calgary and there be any housing inventory left at all. I mean how on earth did potentially 100,000 people find places to live? I seriously hope developers can ramp up housing construction to keep up with this pase of growth.
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    Calgary | Northland Village Redevelopment | 19m | 6s | DIALOG

    I wouldn't say that North Hill mall had died or is dying. I grew up really close by and the reality is it's always been a pretty boring mall but it's generally made up of the kind of businesses that cater to daily needs, i.e. hair salons/barbers, banks, some select clothing stores, a grocery...
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    Trees in Calgary

    I actually work for an arborist and I have to say that needing a permit to remove trees is a dumb idea. We do a lot of work in a community where permits are needed to remove trees and it's literally dumb how much bureaucracy is involved just to remove a dead or dangerous tree. That being said...
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    Form vs Function?

    I'd also say function over form. It's easier to give a building with good bones a facelift than build a new urban fabric from scratch.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Wow. 504 new units in Mardaloop. That's some pretty serious density!
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    Calgary Transit

    I personally would love to see Calgary connected by rail to Airdrie, Okotoks and Cochrane.
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    Statscan numbers

    What I appreciate seeing in those numbers is a much healthier distribution of housing types. Toronto and Vancouver are almost entirely apartments whereas Calgary has a good mix of housing types i.e. the "missing middle"
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    Calgary real estate market

    I didn't really have much of one to begin with given I only finished university last April. But honestly it's a big enough city with enough industries that I can't imagine most careers having too hard a time finding work.
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    Calgary real estate market

    I made the move to Lethbridge last year, largely because of the cost of living. Unfortunately for most young people I think the choice is between being a homeowner in a small town/city or renting in a major metro. That being said, I'm loving being a homeowner and there's no way I could ever...
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    Calgary real estate market

    Yeah I'm pretty convinced that the only thing that will restore housing prices to some sense of affordability is a nasty prolonged recession. The supply & demand gap is just waaaay to big for costs to go down and even if we flooded the market with new housing, at best I suspect prices would just...
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    Calgary | Unbuilt Projects

    I believe they had similar plans for linking up Sarcee N & S but those never materialized. It seems odd to me that it basically took 50 or 60 years to get another direct route from the NW to the SW. I guess at the end of the day I'd rather have Crowchild and Stoney as the only two proper...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    New land use change adjacent to Banff Trail LRT. I grew up in the neighborhood and always wondered why nobody had developed those houses. That whole street facing the train tracks is full of run down rentals and it seemed to me like the...
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    Old photos of Calgary

    That's actually super cool! My Grandfather build a house near the edge of Banff Trail where I grew up. Crazy seeing my childhood home at the very edge of the city!
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    New land use change in Capitol Hill It's cool that the whole south side of this block is slated for some kind of redevelopment!
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    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    I can see where induced demand could be a valid argument against simply adding more lanes to an existing highway, however in the case of Stoney trail and even the recent Crowchild bridge upgrades, those projects are making structural improvements to the overall flow of traffic, creating...
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    Calgary | Brentwood Commons | 85m | 24s | Casola Koppe

    Maybe if there's enough parking supply the city could justify selling off the park and ride on the other side of Crowchild 😉
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Another land use change on 19th Street
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    Carbon Tax: good or bad?

    I used to be in favour of the carbon tax but I've definitely begun to back away from the idea. Truth is I have doubts about how well it's able to accomplish its stated goals i.e., incentivizing people to make greener investments in cars and whatnot. But truthfully I couldn't afford to make those...
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    Calgary | Twenty3 | 19m | 6s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    Please please please let this be a go 🙏 I'm tired of looking at an empty lot.