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  1. J

    500 Sherbourne Condos (Times Group Corporation) - Real Estate -

    Looks like they've started ticketing cars that park on the street between Verve and 500. Talked to the ticketing agent. Apparently someone (maybe Verve) is calling in any car parked longer than 3 hours. The guy said they don't enforce the law, but when someone calls, they have to give...
  2. J

    Toronto Toronto | Cinema Tower | 142.64m | 43s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    eh....not really liking the windows but I'll wait till more are installed.
  3. J

    Toronto Toronto | Evolution Condos | ?m | 14s | Averton | Arsenault

    Any updates on this project? This thing has been selling since 2008 and they're still below ground level. If I bought here I'd want to strangle someone.
  4. J

    King East Condos (Lamb Development, Hyde Park, Sher Corp ) - Real Estate -

    Yea....I agree. They still have a lot of work to do.
  5. J

    Toronto Toronto | The Garrison at The Yards | ?m | 12s | Onni Group | Wallman Architects

    This is such a nice project. I was being half serious when I criticized the faux brick.
  6. J

    Corktown District Condos (Streetcar) - Real Estate -

    Streetcar lofts aren't bad. I do find that they're a little too bare bones. I also find the attention to detail is lacking. Walking along King East, I pass by their buildings quite a bit. The exteriors look unfinished. The one on Gladstone looks pretty nice, though.
  7. J

    Toronto Toronto | Festival Tower and tiff Bell Lightbox | 156.96m | 42s | Daniels | KPMB

    I find the tenants/owners who don't give a damn tend to be the 20-30 age range types.
  8. J

    Toronto Toronto | Festival Tower and tiff Bell Lightbox | 156.96m | 42s | Daniels | KPMB

    The people you just criticized are the type of people I'd love to have in my condo. Now, there are some things that you will just have to deal with while living in a condo, but having idiots treating it like their own personal litter box is not one of them. I really hope people don't share...
  9. J

    Ninety Condos, The (Harhay Construction) - Real Estate -

    I actually like the concrete walls better. You get more privacy.
  10. J

    Toronto Toronto | L-Tower | 204.82m | 58s | Cityzen | Daniel Libeskind

    Imagine Ice's cladding/window system on this? Niiiiiiiice.
  11. J

    Rob Ford and Pride

    Really? Such a silly statement.
  12. J

    Toronto Toronto | The King East | ?m | 15s | Lamb Dev Corp | Core Architects

    Thanks for the updates boomix! Are you excited yet?
  13. J

    Toronto Toronto | One Bloor East | 257.24m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

    Great Gulf is a quality builder. I doubt they'd allow that type of crappy workmanship to get past their QA.
  14. J

    Former Globe and Mail Lands Redevelopment

    I like HP, but the last time they aligned themselves with a "house builder" we got:
  15. J

    Toronto Toronto | Picasso Condos | 128.62m | 39s | Mattamy Homes | Teeple Architects

    Nice building. However, it's street presence is pretty crummy.