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    Edmonton | J123 | 99.06m | 30s | Streamliner | DIALOG

    I absolutely hate it when a developer demolishes a building and never develops the vacant lot. That is one of the worst things a developer can do to a city.
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    Alberta Politics

    I don't want a Calgarian leading the NDP.
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    Edmonton METS Plan (1969 Historical Freeway Plan)

    Traffic circles will not be able to handle rush hour traffic on that intersection and there is no space to make the circle.
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    Edmonton's population is booming, where are all the new proposals?

    I see the population growth every morning when I go to work. The line ups on turning lanes are so long now that it has became a thing for assholes to skip the line and turn right at the intersection.
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    Is that standard suburban deck railing? If so, disappointing.
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    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Why did they only go half way? They are encouraging owners to demolish the derelict buildings for a lower tax rate. Fucking stupid.
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    Past Vs Present

    The BMO building was a massive loss. I am still pissed off by it.
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    Warehouse District Park

    Building a park should not take as long as constructing a building. Very little engineering required.
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    Warehouse District Park

    They could build a park in one fucking day.
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    I cant wait to leave the Hamptons and move back downtown!
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    Edmonton | Boyle Street Community Services | ?m | 2s

    Guys, I don't think we are seeing the whole story. Katz group wouldn't be doing this unless something bad is happening, I believe they are well aware of the blowback caused by doing this.
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    Municipal Politics

    Not another unpronounceable name. 🙄
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    Edmonton | Hat @ Old Strathcona | 66.14m | 20s | Cidex Group

    Holy thread derail! I thought we were talking about The Hat in strathcona.
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    Street Lights

    The Yellowhead lights have been out for years. I am now finding lights out in other parts of the city. It shouldn't take so long to change a lightbulb.
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    Street Lights

    When I am driving anywhere in Edmonton at night I see large swath of streets not lit up. This problem has been getting worse for years and needs to stop. Who is responsible for replacing broken lightbulbs, and why are they not done in a timely manner? They better fix this problem quickly, before...
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    Centurion 118 | 47m | 15s | Next Architecture

    They remade into a gravel parking lot. 🤬
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    Best bar in the city for middle aged people.
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    Centurion 118 | 47m | 15s | Next Architecture

    Well, there goes my parking spot at OTR. Im gonna have to find another place to park now. OTR is an awesome nightclub, love that place!