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    Finch West Line 6 LRT

    I was responding to a post asking to “please share” less expensive solutions for increasing capacity on busy bus routes? Obviously I know the Finch West LRT is already built, but there are many other similar routes in this city. Also, I specifically chose a non trolleybus for one of the photos...
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    Union station bike parking potential locations

    Probably the easiest/best solution is to turn the municipal parking garage under University Ave into a bike garage. About half of the garage was going to be converted into a PATH tunnel (which is cancelled (?) I can't seem to find the webpage on the city's website anymore), but even with the...
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    Roads: Traffic Signals

    Brampton did not grow because of “abundant road capacity” - most of that road capacity (big arterials, 407, 410) did not exist prior to development. Brampton grew because of deliberate government policy to zone for and approve new suburban car oriented development and to widen and build new...
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    Infographics - Future Toronto Skyline

    If you ever decide to do a VMC model let me know! My model is a bit dead as I don’t have the time to update it so I’d be glad to give it to you. Most of my buildings aren’t the most detailed but there are a few that are very detailed - if you’re interested let me know in my thread!
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    So we will now have 3 replacement bus routes for a single streetcar route… Sigh. What even is the point of running 501 streetcars anymore when only 2km of Queen between Dufferin and Bathurst isn’t served by replacement buses. At this point, it would be so much better just to replace the whole...
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    Forget drivers, I even know many transit riders who hate streetcars. Someone I know got sad when the streetcar was reinstated after construction ended, because the replacement bus was like 5-10 minutes faster along the same route. The streetcars are so painfully slow it’s just ridiculous.
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    VIVA + York Region Transit

    To be fair, route 25 runs on Major Mac East, where half the catchment area is farmland and the other half is almost exclusively single family homes, with no schools, retail areas or really any destinations to speak of. Essentially the entire catchment area is also served by the looping ends of...
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    Toronto Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    I ride Viva Blue sometimes and given the similar ROW design I think I can add some thoughts. Here is a typical intersection on a Viva BRT corridor. Sometimes the extra median between the two bus lanes is not present, but otherwise this is the standard design. A typical ECLRT intersection is...
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    Montréal Transit Developments

    Why are we even bringing up or looking at 70 year old 6 track mainline railway viaducts in Tokyo or the horrible decrepit crumbling steel viaducts of the Chicago L? These are not relevant to discussion of the REM on Rene-Levesque. Here are some more relevant comparisons to make for elevated...
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    Waterloo Region Transit Developments (ION LRT, new terminal, GRT buses)

    We really need to stop making these lame excuses. That does not explain a 10x difference in cost. Besides, If you don’t like Spain, compare to Sweden which builds at costs on par with Spain or even France/Germany which are still like 5x cheaper than Canada
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    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    If GO RER is executed properly as planned, 140% ridership growth is lowballing it by a lot. With properly done fare, schedule, and network integration, the proportion of trips that will be sped up massively using GO will be enormous, even in Toronto proper. It’ll be the most easily accessible...
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    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    I’m sorry, but if you had spent more than two seconds actually paying attention, you would have noted that the costs stated are for construction costs only, and that rolling stock has been excluded from costs whenever possible, and that there are special notes for any projects where rolling...
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    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    See for yourself - an inflation adjusted database of transit projects, excluding operations, maintenance, and rolling stock, in USD: Pay close attention to South Korean, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Scandinavian projects - these generally represent global...
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    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    At ~$120M CAD/km, Canada Line costs are low enough that the lower capacity really isn't all that relevant when we are comparing to $500+M/km projects that are happening now. A line with 2x or 2.5x the capacity should obviously not cost 4x more since the main difference is just longer platforms...
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    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    I would be highly sceptical of attributing our unbelievably inflated transit construction costs primarily to P3s. For what it’s worth, a P3 delivered the Canada Line, the lowest cost and best value transit project in Canada in the last 30 years. Meanwhile, New York afaik has not used P3s on its...
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    Hamilton: General Service Discussion

    Apologies for reviving this thread, but.. I was looking at transit system maps for fun and I was trying to find an HSR system map, but have so far failed. The newest map I can find is from December 2019. Has Hamilton seriously stopped publishing actual system maps or is it buried impossibly far...
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    You could just as well say if they installed more, there would be more incentive to sign on
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    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    This is amazing - GO's bus services are usually a massive pain to understand because of all the separate timetable documents for each route. What's worse, it's not even easy to know which timetables to check because the official system map is completely useless for looking for GO bus routes...