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    The Minchau Blacksmith site is now for sale.
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    Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but does anyone know what is going on at the former site of crystal glass on whyte ave (9943 82 ave)?
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    Unsure if this has been posted already somewhere, but centrecorp has signs up on 112 street and 83/84 ave advertising leasing opportunities in 2 new apartment buildings which will take over the surface parking lot there.
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    There's a sign on site now advertising this:
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    Edmonton | Iron Horse Line / Station Park | ?m | 6s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Have there been other CP sites that have actually been sold or redeveloped yet through this partnership?
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    Epic Square | ?m | 2s | Epic Investment Services Finally a retail development slated for the former husky site on Calgary Trail.
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    Edmonton | Iron Horse Line / Station Park | ?m | 6s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Now if only someone would get rid of that godawful "cars on whyte" across the street...
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    Three houses were just demolished around 10434 University Ave, does anyone know what is planned for there?
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    Disappointed to see the former Tony Roma's location on 51 ave and Calgary Trail was demolished only to be turned into more surface parking for the toyota dealership directly north of it. I wonder what will happen to the former Chili's at 34th Ave and Calgary Trail, given it was already...
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    Edmonton | Peli Manor | 15.24m | 4s | EFG Architects

    There's now a Cambian site trailer here, might see some movement soon.
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    Edmonton | J123 | 99.06m | 30s | Streamliner | DIALOG

    Demolition is underway.
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    On a similar note, I have to think that GEF's Meadowlark Place Lodge (8609 161 street) would be ideal for redevelopment too. A single storey structure and so much excess land serviced only by an ice cream trailer for 5 months of the year, directly across from a future LRT stop.
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    Edmonton | Whyte Medical Centre | ?m | 4s | Maltby & Prins

    Change on site as pre-leasing signs from Lizotte have been replaced with for sale signs via Avison Young. I'm hoping for a more creative project that helps east whyte continue to revitalize. I thought that perhaps with the Trax completed Beck would turn its attention to this site.
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    Edmonton | THE MARK on 109 | ?m | 5s | REVCOR Group | Whittaker Architect

    All buildings have now (thankfully) been demolished.