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    Toronto Toronto | Minto Long Branch | ?m | 4s | Diamond Corp | Guthrie Muscovitch

    industry is declining Industry overall in Canada has many problems, but in the 416 specifically, the majority are being gradually priced out to the 905 and beyond. This quarter the GTA industrial market has 3.9% vacancy* The old...
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    Hi I don't have posting privileges and thought this paragraph from a (not online) Condo Guide...

    Hi I don't have posting privileges and thought this paragraph from a (not online) Condo Guide article by Ben Myers would be of interest to investors, purchasers & others. Excerpt from: "What should investors look for in a new condominium.. What about parking?.. Eighty-five per cent of units...
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    Toronto Toronto | Treviso Condos | 91.13m | 24s | Lanterra | P + S / IBI

    zoning amendment application The reason potential tower heights were increased was to make up for a proposed lack of density at the south east corner of the site along Lawrence Avenue, where the developer is now proposes to build a 45-space surface parking lot. To the north ending at the park...
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    Roads: Keep the Gardiner, fix it, or get rid of it? (2005-2014)

    Gardiner Takedown Meeting report: At the meeting people voted to push to a 4-lane roadway to replace the Gardiner Expressway similar to Seoul's replacing a 14 lane highway with a 4 lane roadway and semi-restored river...
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    Roads: Keep the Gardiner, fix it, or get rid of it? (2005-2014)

    Waterfront Toronto is currently undertaking an Environmental Assesment on taking down the Gardiner Expressway between Jarvis and the DVP… The project has potential but also carries many...
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    Metrolinx $55 Billion Plan

    Metrolinx Fix Also if you don't want to take my word for it get an 'independent opinion' in the media Roger Brook ;)
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    Metrolinx $55 Billion Plan

    Lrt=alrv "Eglinton Crosstown - Transit City, TC plus extended tunneled section, or fully-grade separated LRT all on table - note that for subway/ALRT conspiracy theorists, the term "LRT" is used for all options. - mentions bundling with SRT as a single line - presumably if SRT is converted...
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    GO has left the train station

    response GO Thanks for posting article, generating discussion "Barrie Allandale is coming. I have a feeling that they wanted to build a station quickly to get the Barrie service running as soon as possible." According to the service planner- "As you mention it, GO did serve Barrie in the...
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    Etobicoke Civic Centre redevelopment

    Etobicoke centre An open house and presentation on the consultant's findings on the West District Design Initiative - originally planned for October 16, 2007 - has now been rescheduled. It will now be held on October 29, 2007, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., in the Council Chamber of the Etobicoke...
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    Etobicoke Civic Centre redevelopment

    Tonight's meeting about 3 Etobicoke developments which will then go to Planning & Growth on Nov. 1. 1. Westwood lands - includes lands occupied by 6 points interchange. 2. Etobicoke Civic Centre campus lands (Civic Centre will move to 6 points area or Islington) 3. Islington Station lands...
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    Rally downtown Saturday 1pm

    RAlly for the TTC Against likely transit service cuts Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) at 1pm this Saturday.
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    Ottawa Confederation Line LRT (City of Ottawa, U/C)

    Ottawa lrt Baltimore's Central Light Rail Line -- Second Time A Charm? Maryland | Transportation Posted by: David Gest Thanks to: C. P. Zilliacus 28 February 2006 - 8:00am Nearly all of the Maryland Transit Administration's Central Light Rail Line is now double tracked -- at long last...
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    Ottawa Confederation Line LRT (City of Ottawa, U/C)

    New lrt plan Ottawa "One month earlier, O'Brien assembled his task force on transportation, led by former transport minister David Collenette." Who would hire Collenette considering his track record. Blue $22, Perhaps we will get SNC lavelin to build it and lead the EA.
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    Ottawa Confederation Line LRT (City of Ottawa, U/C) Transportation report: Build a tunnel, use diesel-hybrid trains by 2017 Long awaited mayor's task force submits report outlining $900M rail plan Jake Rupert, The Ottawa Citizen...