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    Square One Shopping Centre

    Found it interesting indochino opened up at the mall.
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    Toronto Toronto | Wallace Walk Towns | ?m | 4s | The Somerset Group | KFA

    You should look across the street at the complex already completed, price per sq foot is much lower, you can get a 3 bedroom for the price of 2 in the new one. Everyone wants new, but after 5 year does it really matter? My uncle is looking to rent out his place in wallace walk if you want to...
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    Erin Mills Expansion & Cineplex Junxion | 14.75m | 1s | OPB | MMC Architecture

    have they announced any new stores coming in?
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    Mississauga Toronto | Hurontario-Main Line 10 LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    So I still don't fully understand the need for this project - it just doesn't seem practical to how most of us live in Mississauga, this just seems like a new toy. For middle class/above the go train probably more important- people work, or have kids who study downtown and access to go...
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    Mississauga (non-mall) Retail

    The outlet has to affects by the outlets on Trafalgar ,plus the improvements in square one for regular shopping. The box box stuff I'm sure it's busy as ever.
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    Mississauga (non-mall) Retail

    les 3 brasseurs was intending to sign the lease to replace them some time ago, in fact I'm pretty sure lease is signed.
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    Toronto Raptors

    I think a lot of people just feel alienated by hockey In Toronto, unless you are someone and get free tickets or want to spend half a mortgage payment on tickets/night out they are something that is just on TV. - hard to make life long connection like that. Luckily I was born in Montreal and...
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    mississauga is a predominately middle class area, and once the new expansion is done with a new "upscale" wing anchored by Holts and larger Harry Rosen, plus the expansion in Sherway which borders on Mississauga. It will cost a billion plus to open a new mall, or more no one is taking in that...
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    There is a lot of space opening up, the new wing is essentially another hallway, lower level of Sears, the theatre, home outfitters. They need lots of retailers to fill these up, will be interesting to see what happens. Holts will be two floors apparently, but one ground and one above, similar...
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    Toronto Toronto | Arch Lofts | ?m | 4s | WDG | CLA

    Is there anything happening with this project? I was walking by it tonight and still seems no construction as of yet.
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    Harry Stinson is not dead

    If it's like Stinson school, run away! we have family friends there who have a place, and it's tons of issues. There kitchen wasn't done until after occupancy, flooding, no shows from contractors etc. workmanship is sub par and much still not finished. The best part is Harry thinks he can get...
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    Toronto Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport | ?m | ?s | Ports Toronto | Arup

    So porter is bringing in domestic bag fees... Little surprised by this. There is no real announcement, but it is updated on there website.
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    Harry Stinson is not dead

    Apparently it is Occupying at end of month. The family friends we know want to turn there place into executive rentals. No idea how that will work in Hamilton.
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    Toronto Toronto | Auto BLDG | 54.86m | 10s | Castlepoint Numa | a—A

    Is there any news on this project? I drove by this morning for work and thought how good of a location this is. I tried to google search a sales site and nothing, I take it nothing is going on?
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    But I used my chip CC, which is the same speed as interact. Isn't interact also cheaper than CC for the business? I imagine over time they will bring it in, especially as more and more CC's need you to go chipped, losing the speed advantage.
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    Chipotle is open, but for some reason does not take Debit. I tried to use it and they asked me to use CC or cash, which is fine for me, but one would think all the High school kids may just move to the next one. Sears is also going warehouse mode- They are closing at the end of March (or...
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    I also don't like the fact they don't take AMEX, even tim hortons takes it now.
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    It is still on the list under unisex, so sure its just mistake.
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    What is your current situation in the real estate market?

    Can you cite your source that your house will sell for 70% of the value?
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    I have heard from a friend at oxford that there is talks of tearing down the Old Navy location and rebuilding it for Holts, but again its just talks. Apparently there are a few different plans they are going over. The movie theatre location has been rejected because they did not like parking...