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    Best Skyline Other Than Toronto In Canada

    By no means does Ottawa's skyline compare to Vancouver's or Calgary's, but I do think it should have been given some place in the pole, at least over Edmonton/ Niagara. Source:
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    Ottawa: Chinatown

    I think Ottawa is such a special, undervalued city. You have consistently taken some spectacular pictures of my hometown. I wonder if you would know this - I believe you said you live or lived in Ottawa - are there any plans for this empty space? There have been several vacant spots that look...
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    Montreal: Quartier des spectacles, Old Mtl west, Quartier International.

    These are some pretty beautiful buildings in one of my favourite cities. I was just wondering something, is there any particular plan for the design of the buildings and their placement in the Quartier des Spectacles? Also, Old Montreal and Old Port is undeniably the most beautiful part of the...