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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Man, that picture of Stephen Ave. really shows how bad the pavers/concrete has deteriorated. It really is in desperate need of a full renovation. It's so patched up and non-uniform. Really hope they renovate it to look more European.
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    Calgary | West Village Towers | 149.95m | 42s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    I despise that little apartment….rip er’ down!
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    Calgary | First & Park | 75m | 18s | Graywood

    Still hoping for Concorde 2 to start up and fill in that empty lot.
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    Calgary | Midfield Heights | 40m | 11s | City of Calgary

    The double row of Elms in front of the Vernon Fanning Center and that apartment building? If so what the fuck? Why?
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    What a stupid plaza. Who designed this shit? Those poles are useless, unless they are designed to block wind from the barren wasteland of a plaza.
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    Calgary | Palliser One | 122m | 27s

    Now if only Aspen would get off their ass and completely renovate Palliser Square (the complex attached to the Calgary Tower).
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    Calgary | The Cornerstone | 36m | 10s | Peoplefirst

    Cube is hands down the nicest conversion in the city and it’s not even close.
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    Calgary | 4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    Yeah this one is a let down. Yuck.....
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    Calgary | First & Park | 75m | 18s | Graywood

    I like it! Nice contrast to Concord. Good vs. Evil lol
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    $100 these will be mostly malfunctioning or completely turned off by next year.
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    Trees in Calgary

    I think at this point it would be really hard for the city to try and "tree up" the entire city, it is simply too big. What the city does need to do is focus on the downtown, beltline, and other high pedestrian/traffic nodes to try and increase the canopy. While having a forest of trees running...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I always wondered if the Telus Convention center could be repurposed as a sporting complex. I would imagine they could fit a few basketball, volleyball, badminton, even tennis courts in the main hall. Even an indoor soccer field could probably fit. The ceiling appears high enough for these...
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    Calgary | Arts Commons | 18m | 4s | City of Calgary | KPMB

    I'm warming up to the design, and if executed correctly, should be a very nice building. I am quite concerned how large it is though. It looks like it is taking a massive chunk out of Olympic Plaza and seems a bit overbearing. If this means that the fountain/skating sheet can no longer fit into...
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    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    If only it spouted real water in the concrete wasteland of the Stampede. It would actually be pretty cool if it were an actual fountain with water dripping into a pool.
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    Calgary | Eau Claire Place I | 28m | 7s | Cidex Group

    Eshhh. I hope they at least replace all the other windows with a more translucent glass that is not tinted. Otherwise...Yikes. Should have just used black spandrel.
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    Calgary | The Cornerstone | 36m | 10s | Peoplefirst

    From this picture is actually looks somewhat decent. This photo does a good job hiding all the horizontal and vertical siding slats. If they actually used some half decent materials (I would even take stucco) it could have looked a lot better.
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    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    They should of just built an actual fountain or water feature. The Stampede grounds are as dry and dusty as you can get. Would it kill this city to build a few more water features? Imagine if this sculpture actually had water coming out from it and falling into a pool below it. Instant upgrade.
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    Calgary | Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    The city should do a massive Elm planting in and around downtown and then actually WATER and maintain them. Where they have done this (East Village, 12th Ave) they are starting to build a nice tree canopy. Spend a few million and get the core green!
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    Calgary | Arts Commons | 18m | 4s | City of Calgary | KPMB

    Meah. The more I look at it the more unimpressed I am. You can tell that this design was heavily influenced by the aboriginal design firm on the team. To me, the excessive use of wood slats is to make it resemble a tipi or longhouse to some degree. It seems bulky and heavy which I find...