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  1. LuckyS

    residential/urban amenities - opinion

    This seems relevant: New Toronto condo comes with a Tik-Tok Recording Studio
  2. LuckyS

    residential/urban amenities - opinion

    I think some of what I mentioned in the previous comments talks about you're saying but I will also add this - The city would create two issues in trying to solve one - a need to find indoor space for recreation (which doesn't seem to exist or if could exists would be in competition with...
  3. LuckyS

    residential/urban amenities - opinion

    Thanks @Northern Light I'll go through the list and kind of address - or diverge on some of the themes you're bringing up. *** Thesis: This is kind of the issue (and I'm starting to think a fault of the quote I took - there's way more context in the original link) - I don't see this as a...
  4. LuckyS

    residential/urban amenities - opinion

    will send out a draft your way before the next post. - but no, that's interesting I mean the dog spa seems like the obvious next step after a dedicated dog relief area - definitely wonder what we'll see next...prob doggy daycare?...but yeah this is kind of what I'm wondering with usefulness - do...
  5. LuckyS

    residential/urban amenities - opinion

    Taken from a blog post from a few days ago - what are your thoughts on reducing or just limiting the rate from which an amenity loses its usefulness? (I imagine every building in the database has an accompanied 'amenity' floor but it seems they're rarely talked about). (and is it a tech or a...
  6. LuckyS

    Public Art in Toronto

    mosaic - by the entrance (west side of the Bleecker Street Co-Op)
  7. LuckyS

    Public Art in Toronto

    mosaic - by a crosswalk (east side of the Bleecker Street Co-Op)
  8. LuckyS

    Lesser recognized buildings in Toronto that you enjoy

    Bleecker Street Co-Op (85 Bleecker St) - nice little skybridge.
  9. LuckyS

    Lesser recognized buildings in Toronto that you enjoy

    Hugh Garner Housing Co-Op (550 Ontario St)
  10. LuckyS

    Toronto Toronto | The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Looks like the left beam is tapering in (from bottom to top) - wonder why they'd do this?
  11. LuckyS

    Charles at Church (Aspen Ridge) - Real Estate -

    Lived in the building next to this site (CASA III) during pre-construction in early 2018 till 2020 a lot of the amenities were never finished before moving out - construction seems to be a slowly phased process.
  12. LuckyS

    Some advice to job seekers

    I heard Montgomery Sisam is embracing WFH model post pandemic.
  13. LuckyS

    Downtown Markham

    Along the Rouge Valley - 2 min. away from heading under the 407.
  14. LuckyS

    Why Montreal rental rates are so lower than rest of the nation?

    I just recently moved back after living near the downtown area (about a 10 min drive) by Parc La Fontaine - I was renting from a couple as their first tenet and they owned a really nice bachelor unit (probably 600sq ft. min) in a 27 storey apartment (like the tallest building in the area - it...
  15. LuckyS

    Toronto Toronto | Concord Sky | 299m | 85s | Concord Adex | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    still from a video (Nov 2019)
  16. LuckyS

    Toronto skyline

    from my old condo unit
  17. LuckyS

    Toronto Toronto | Tower at Pier 27 | 114.9m | 35s | Cityzen | a—A

    while on a walk (Aug 2020)
  18. LuckyS

    Sidewalk Labs Toronto Headquarters (SVN, 2s, Sidewalk Labs)

    Seems like some the of E.T.F.E material (or test model?)