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    Lack of meaningful Passenger Rail service outside the Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    I think this thread was a lost cause from the jump. The title alone betrays the agenda: it's not about Via service outside of the corridor, it's about a "lack of meaningful" service. Who exactly defines what meaningful service is? And why are so many of the discussions around connecting one...
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    Lack of meaningful Passenger Rail service outside the Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    Not to mention Mönchengladbach also has the population of Sudbury and Thunder Bay combined.
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    Toronto Toronto | Grain Lofts | 37.19m | 10s | Gairloch | Gabriel Fain Architects

    I love that the dumb staircase terraces are gone from the north wing of the building. Took out a lot of usable space for little reason.
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    Ontario's Downtown University/College Expansion Plans

    Barrie needs a university campus if you ask me. Something that will bring more life to the city than sleazy nightclubs and chain restaurants. It would also have a more populous catchment area than Sarnia, with the explosive growth in Simcoe County and northern York Region. Would it support a...
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    Oakville Toronto | Argo Neyagawa Lands | ?m | 15s | Argo Developments | Kirkor

    I'm underwhelmed. Should have another 5-8 storey midrise along Neyagawa instead of rear frontage of townhouses. If the 407 Transitway is going to become a reality, there should be a way to make use of a potential Neyagawa station.
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    Toronto Toronto | New Park at 229 Richmond West | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Gow Hastings

    I, for one, am glad that the City took my advice and chose Wawatesi. A victory for sensibility. Just kidding, I feel nothing. Let's just move on to the next new park and hope for something that doesn't try to be something it's not....
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    ...the Stouffville line opened in 1892? That must be back when Old Elm was just Elm.
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    Toronto Toronto | 4151 Sheppard East | 152.9m | 46s | REACH Developments | Sweeny &Co

    529 out of 726 units are less than two bedrooms... that's almost 3/4. I have a feeling that this is going to be a matter of debate. I like the inclusion of that SFH, though. It has a lot of yard space to make use of.
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    I've been through it a couple of times. It was a little slow to get through the first time, when it was still very new, but other than that I think it works fine. I'm hoping that eventually we'll get one at Mapleview Drive here in Barrie - that interchange is complete chaos right now, and I...
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    They're not actually censoring anything. Large swaths of Toronto are being erased because "frankly, they need to get off their high horse".
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    Toronto Toronto | Humbertown Redevelopment | ?m | 21s | First Capital | Kirkor Architects

    Understandable, I suppose. There are much more accessible plazas to redevelop, so I'd imagine Humbertown was an easy choice to postpone with limited funds. At least the Edenbridge is being finished and no part of the property will be left vacant.
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    Bradford Bypass (MTO, Hwy 400 - Hwy 404)

    Might snap some pictures this evening if it's not too dark out.
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    Steeles RT

    Red paint does not a BRT make. Especially for a city like Brampton that has much higher standards for its public transit. (Whether it meets those standards is a question for another thread.)
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    Toronto Toronto | New Park at 229 Richmond West | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Gow Hastings

    I find it pretty rich that the River Park "pays homage" to a river buried in the area by... keeping it covered with hardscaping and adding a token trickle through the site. So far my favourite is Wàwàtesí, if only because it has a large vegetated area as the centerpiece. However, they all kind...
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    Finch West Line 6 LRT

    It would be cool if they opened Finch West and Eglinton at the same time, so they only have to update the system map once.
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    Barrie Collingwood Railway (BCRY)

    As much as I want GO service extended down BCRY, I think the funds just aren't there right now to get started on it. More important for the Barrie line is adding passing tracks, building stations at Innisfil/Mulock/Concord/Lansdowne, and the Bradford layover facility. I'm glad it's not being...
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    Roads: Ambassador & Gordie Howe Bridges

    It was an agreement made between the state government of Michigan and the federal government of Canada, so it's perfectly accurate and correct. Also, it's spelled Michiganders.
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    TTC: Jane (LRT) RapidTO

    "Subways subways subways" was from 15 years ago?
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    Toronto 123 Wynford Drive | 176.95m | 52s | Originate | Kirkor

    ...axing 97 multiple-bedroom suites for 53 studios and 42 one-bedrooms is pretty antithetical to the City's more-bedrooms-per-unit mantra as well.