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  1. billonlogan

    1030 Pape Ave (@ Cosburn, 3s, ?)

    From Metrolinx website. Cosburn Station on OL will occupy this corner.
  2. billonlogan


    Beer Store is now Open for Business
  3. billonlogan


    I was zipping past and couldn’t take a picture. ‘The Beer Store’ sign was installed at new condo on Gerrard St East and Logan Ave. Happy they replaced the Beer Store that formerly occupied the site.
  4. billonlogan


    St Louis at Danforth & Carlaw closed too. Mary Browns is now open at Danforth & Fenwick
  5. billonlogan

    Toronto Toronto | River City Condos Phase 3 | 99.66m | 29s | Urban Capital | Saucier + Perrotte

    From February Waterfront Toronto newsletter: Signs up northern entrance to Corktown Common (beginning at the intersection of River Street and King Street and running along the eastern bank between River City and Bayview Avenue). The signs help explain that while the park looks complete, the wide...
  6. billonlogan


    Do you have proof there is Greek gangsterism on Danforth? Stop perpetuating this myth of a Greek mafia. It is an insult to Greek Canadian families who have businesses on Danforth. Sure some do bend the laws and use questionable methods, but this hardly makes them 'Mafia'. If anything the most...
  7. billonlogan


    There is a sign posted at The Friendly Greek restaurant. They are moving to a smaller location at the former 'Stixx' on north side Danforth just east of Logan.
  8. billonlogan

    St Lawrence Market

    The patio is now open at The Jason George on Front St E and Jarvis. Great spot for a pint or refreshment with great views of downtown skyline and St Lawrence Market and no road/sidewalk construction. Enjoy.
  9. billonlogan


    I notice today a banner was strung across the columns at Jones. Did not take a pic, but I think it said 'Welcome to GreekTown'.
  10. billonlogan

    Irresponsible Dog Owners

    I think dog owners feel it is acceptable to have your dog off leash in parks and public spaces today. Visit Withrow Park and sometimes you will see more dogs running around off the leash than using the designated fenced off leash area. Some park users will say something but usually the dogs...
  11. billonlogan

    Toronto Toronto | Sun Life Financial Tower & Harbour Plaza Residences | 236.51m | 67s | Menkes | Sweeny &Co

    The old harbour commission building was built on a wharf before they filled it in.
  12. billonlogan


    Looks like Tim Hortons will occupy vacant space on southeast corner of Danforth and Broadview.
  13. billonlogan


    Subject: WPBHL Registration Update 2011 REGISTRATION FOR NEW PLAYERS (ALL MINOR DIVISIONS) OPENS ON JANUARY 22 (8 am). IF YOUR CHILD DID NOT PLAY IN THE LEAGUE IN 2010, S/HE IS CONSIDERED TO BE A NEW PLAYER. Registration will be on-line, via a link available on our website. You will...
  14. billonlogan

    Ontario Budget Cut and Transit Expansion

    Just wondering about the proposed LRT running east along Queens Quay up Cherry St. Is this still a go?
  15. billonlogan

    Vancouver Olympics

    Own the Podium is not an Olympic athlete but a program to fund top notch Canadian athletes for Olympic competition. It is easy to blame "Own the Podium", but it is the athletes who did not deliver the medals. I support "Own the Podium" or whatever they call it next time. We need to achieve...
  16. billonlogan

    Urban Toronto Mobile Site

    BerryBlab app BerryBlab is a new BlackBerry app that is a real must-have for those BlackBerry users, like me, who frequent web forums that are powered by vBulletin, such as our own Urban Toronto forums. Check out the press release. Rather than browsing the forums via the BlackBerry web browser...
  17. billonlogan

    Harper Proroguing Parliament again

    McGuinty ponders to prorogue the legislature Looks like McGuinty is going to prorogue the Ontario Legislature later this month. This guy is such a weasel. Link to article Protests against Harper have McGuinty thinking twice about prorogation By Keith Leslie (CP) TORONTO — The...
  18. billonlogan

    Harper Proroguing Parliament again

    No thanks, the rally will consist of the same old usual suspects... unionist, labourites, liberals, dippers, socialists, communists and the like. I'm sure it will be a repeat crowd during G20 visit this summer. However, enjoy, this is what living in a free country is all about. I'm sure the...
  19. billonlogan

    Bay St. beckons as Wall St. fumes

    Bring it on, we have lots of available office space in Toronto's financial district.
  20. billonlogan

    Article: Ed007Toronto's Blog

    Great job! any plans for a Blackberry/iPhone app for us mobile users?