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  1. Calgcouver

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    throw a patio block or two or a couple pavers in a few locations to facilitate foot traffic, is how i've seen this solved previously, mostly by private homeowners who planted in these areas. Use desire lines or create them basically. I really want to see the 13th Avenue greenway be the norm...
  2. Calgcouver

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Love this facelift, perfect really. Only design choice i'd prefer is some room for plants between the brick wall and sidewalk. Just softens the edge, i prefer no hardscaping to hardscaping. ' The City really needs to do something with all these grass landscaping strips that are all over the...
  3. Calgcouver

    Calgary | Midtown Station | ?m | ?s | IBI Group

    I would suggest that this development is probably a never-term. It would be easier to just use the base density in the DC, build 6-storey rental apartments now and be done with it. The sunk equity of funding an LRT system to then upgrade service connections and do public realm improvements to...
  4. Calgcouver

    Calgary | River Club | 56m | 15s | Urban Capital | DIALOG

    Love this building, excellent concept. Great job Dialog and Urban Capital!
  5. Calgcouver

    Calgary | Autumn | 22m | 6s | Homes by Avi | LEMAYMICHAUD

    Anyone know what that Black material likely could be?
  6. Calgcouver

    Forum meetup?

    Can do in June
  7. Calgcouver

    Calgary | 4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    At this point, spanderel away on tower exteriors above the two to three storey podium. But for the love of god push more permanent materials and good design on the podiums.
  8. Calgcouver

    Calgary | Skyway Parade | 37m | 12s | Skyvision Development | Green Birch Architecture

    Ultimately the problem is mobility Eng at the city pushing excessive car orientation. I think the excessive surface parking could have been avoided though but a lot of developers still think it’s necessary
  9. Calgcouver

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    True, mostly just that the older demographic trends whiter than younger gens. Coming from Vancouver development/planning you’re not wrong at all
  10. Calgcouver

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Sure, easy to say that it’s all genders. Less so for colour, opposition is pretty overwhelmingly white. But the common thread is the opposition is much older and largely boomers or older gen xers, and I’d be surprised if that’s a contentious point. Not exactly the folks we need to be focussing...
  11. Calgcouver

    Calgary | Skyway Parade | 37m | 12s | Skyvision Development | Green Birch Architecture

    Will age poorly in restrospect as a TOD project if fully built out in this fashion. Deals with the current mobility conditions as it had to in the DP conditions, but is a good example of maximizing car orientation for something that is supposed to be TOD. Lots of parking to traverse as a pedestrian.
  12. Calgcouver

    Infill Development Discussion

    No, just means the project pencils out better due to cost/ease of construction, amount of units they think that can be absorbed in that basin, timelines for completion, ROE/IRR, etc.
  13. Calgcouver

    Calgary | The Isaac on 9th | 22m | 6s | M2SC

    M2SC is only flipping this site, no intention of building. How many LOCs have we seen now in Inglewood that get approved for land flippers?
  14. Calgcouver

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Give me a DP or it’s fiction. Just a land lift to forward sell the land. Rezone when you actually plan to build, chumps.
  15. Calgcouver

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Because mobility engineers make collector/arterial streets into unwelcoming stroads everywhere in this city. You’re trying to to force density onto unhospitable urban arterials like Macleod trail, 16 Ave North or apparently Bow Bottom. I would suggest you push the City to make these even...
  16. Calgcouver

    Infill Development Discussion

    Province purchasing larger yards and protecting them from dreaded public access for there favourite campaign donors
  17. Calgcouver

    General Construction Updates

    Is there a DP yet for this? Curious what the plan is for the exterior
  18. Calgcouver

    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | University of Calgary Properties Group

    Which examples for DC or the Netherlands are you talking about?
  19. Calgcouver

    Infill Development Discussion

    I see, so would the shops/retail/active frontages orient towards Macleod Trail as the main street? What aspects of what Macleod Trail make building something like Brentwood or Metrotown unattractive to developers?
  20. Calgcouver

    Infill Development Discussion

    What kind of changes do you think could be made to Macleod trail to make redevelopment more attractive and what kind of developments would you like to see?