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  1. jswag

    Richmond Hill Toronto | Grand Palace Condominium | ?m | 15s | G Group | Hariri Pontarini

    From about 3 weeks ago. These turned out really nicely, IMO. It'll be great once the VIVA project is complete and the frontage meets the street.
  2. jswag

    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    I think I read this on Twitter, but I can't remember from who-- but I thought it was a smart point. The real problem isn't SmartTrack, it's the fact that Tory has made this one of his transit priorities (to be fair, it is what he campaigned on). When all along, the DRL should be the priority...
  3. jswag

    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    What started off as a good idea that the province had already started working on, (utilizing existing infrastructure for new/improved transit (RER)) has turned in a multi-billion-dollar boondoggle that the City is mostly responsible for funding. The timelines and TIF funding promised during the...
  4. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Crosstown Community | 135.02m | 44s | Aspen Ridge | Sweeny &Co

    Overall, I dig it-- but the proposed preservation of the "entrance blocks" of the original IBM factory just feels like it falls short. I understand it's a bit of a difficult thing, but I think isolating the entrance blocks from the rest of the building just makes them looked tacked-on to...
  5. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | The Madison | 121m | 36s | Madison Group | Kirkor

    As average as these towers are, it's great to see the grocery store opened. This is going to add a lot of needed vitality and energy to this part of Eglinton. Thanks for the pics.
  6. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | The Madison | 121m | 36s | Madison Group | Kirkor

    Thanks for the pics. Actually, at street level, it doesn't look too bad, as long as you don't look up. Loblaws will bring lots of people to the sidewalk and hopefully some nice trees will soften the view of the building. I wonder-- does the sidewalk design here account for Eglinton Connects, or...
  7. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Burbank Heights | 108.07m | 32s | Sky Property Group | Kirkor

    It used to be a Petro-Canada gas station; AFAIK it is still owned by Petro-Canada. Not sure what they could be doing here without an app... EDIT: Found this link to a realtor's PDF...
  8. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Line 5 Condos | 113.99m | 39s | Reserve Properties | Arcadis

    117 and 127 Broadway were both sold in June-- assuming this project entails both properties. (Interestingly, 127 was just renovated by Akelius, at least on the exterior).
  9. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | U of T: UTSC Environmental Science and Chemistry | ?m | 5s | U of T | Diamond Schmitt

    Yes, although I'm sure they would have liked to have used the LRT coming through as a catalyst for their other proposed changes.
  10. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | U of T: UTSC Environmental Science and Chemistry | ?m | 5s | U of T | Diamond Schmitt

    UTSC would do well to work with the City to re-design the Military Dr/Ellesmere Rd intersection, to improve upon the campus feel. In its current state, it is hostile to pedestrians, who should definitely be prioritized over cars. Removing the right-turn yield ramps at the NW and SE corners would...
  11. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Whitehaus Condominiums | 107.28m | 31s | Lifetime | Turner Fleischer

    Being marketed as "Whitehaus" now. Looks like the design might have been changed (for the blander)?
  12. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | 305 Roehampton | 42.97m | 14s | KG | Kirkor Architects

    Registration has now opened for the building, via the KG website. Not that it matters anymore, because we kind of know what it looks like, but the page also has a rendering of the building which I don't think has been seen before.
  13. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Crosstown Community | 135.02m | 44s | Aspen Ridge | Sweeny &Co

    For those interested in the Parkin-designed IBM Canada HQ, a little write-up on the blog Toronto Modern:
  14. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Emerald City Phases 1 to 3 including Dream Tower | ?m | 36s | Almadev | WZMH

    Really love the way this thing looks from far away-- the view from the 401 Eastbound is pretty impressive. Nothing special up close, but it'll do I guess.
  15. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    I definitely like the idea of Jamieson's "rounded corner" gradually re-emerging from basically being completely covered up through the mid 20th century. (To now, being only slightly covered up). See the Grid article. Otherwise I like it. Looks like it gives enough space between it and the Eaton...
  16. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | 155 Redpath Condominiums | 120.39m | 34s | Freed | a—A

    On the agenda at the April 25 Design Review Panel meeting.
  17. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Art Shoppe Condos | 98.75m | 28s | Freed | a—A

    Josh Matlow (local councillor) doesn't like it: "Awful" isn't a really reasonable assessment of this proposal.
  18. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Parkside Square | 142.94m | 43s | Tribute | Turner Fleischer

    Wow, this is just incredible. Another Sheppard project. I can see what the attraction is-- it's a very central location to all parts Toronto, but Sheppard itself is also suffering from serious congestion woes right around the 404. I don't imagine many of the new residents in the next 5 years...
  19. jswag

    Toronto Toronto | Couture The Condominium | ?m | 42s | Philmor | Graziani + Corazza

    If Torontonians don't have pride in their city, then why are they moving into the core in record numbers? Something in this narrative doesn't add up.
  20. jswag

    Emerald City/Parkway Forest: New Rental Buildings (ELAD Canada, various, WZMH)

    Note that construction has also begun on phase 3A of the Parkway Forest revitalization project (building E1) at the corner of Parkway Forest Dr and Forest Manor Rd. They started about three weeks ago; the site is cleared and they dug out the berm that existed there. As I understand it, these...