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    Edmonton | Orange Hub Parkade Replacement | ?m | 3s

    I drive by it every day on my way home from work and it looks horrific at the moment. It will really need the pixelated sweeping wingdings like in the rendering and the landscaping to look okay.
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    Edmonton | CNIB Redevelopment | 106m | 32s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

    ^ Now *that* is how you do windows if you can't do floor-to-ceiling anymore.
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    Edmonton | Abbey Park Residences | 22.86m | 6s | Abbey Lane Homes

    The design itself is quite plain but I'm happy they went with the materials they did and the colour scheme is quite tasteful for the area.
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    The balconies are going to determine whether it's "truly awful" or "ok" for me.
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    Epic Square | ?m | 2s | Epic Investment Services

    Well I can tell you for sure that my Doctor's office is going to be in there. Used to be called Yellowbird Family Clinic, then a couple of the physicians left and it was no longer economically viable for them to have such a large and expensive office. So they are now called "Eversquare Medical...
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    ICE Tower

    For the most part what you read on here should be taken in the same vein as sports reporting "insiders". Take it with a complete pinch of salt until something is official.
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    2023 Predictions

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    ICE Tower

    I'd be happy with 160-180m in that location. Hopefully they get Dub to design this one as well, Encore is an amazing looking building.
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    2023 Predictions

    Has anyone else noticed that HCMA (Hughes Condon Marler Architects) has opened up an office here? That's amazing news for this city in my opinion. They've got 3 offices in Canada, and we're the first one outside of BC. I wonder if Gene Dub had anything to do with that?
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    East Junction | 86m | 25s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Obviously our criticisms don't have an effect on developer's decisions or city policy, but it shows our citizens care about our city's future. If our citizens didn't care, if our administration didn't care, we'd have Peregrine Point's everywhere. There would be no EDC. Ed Gooch would be the...
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    Edmonton | Wadhurst Townhomes | 11.75m | ?s

    I'm kind of sad to be honest, I really liked that elegant decorative panelling that the second window on the top floor has now replaced. It really broke up the monotony of the design imo.
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    Maclab Garneau | Laurent | Eleanor | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development

    Million dollar views of the skyline from the higher floors of Eleanor.
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    Boardwalk-Revillon Revitalization | ?m | 6s | Allied Properties REIT | DIALOG

    Brick looks incredible, and oh man that painted Revillon Building sign gives me goosebumps.
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    I agree with this 100%. Our building boom time was in the 70s, the Brutalist era, and historically it reflected in our skyline a lot. We've got three high rise examples of the post modern era of the 80s (Manulife Place, Commerce Place and Scotia Place), and then absolutely nothing until Epcor...
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    Don't jinx it or they'll hire Jim Der to do a 200m tall Mondrian coloured stucco box.
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    104th St Downtown should really be renamed to Langham Lane. That's not a compliment, either.
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    Boardwalk-Revillon Revitalization | ?m | 6s | Allied Properties REIT | DIALOG

    Does anyone know if they plan to restore the "Hardware Company" sign on the east building? It would look so good.
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    Edmonton | Charles Camsell Redevelopment | 39m | 8s | Five Oaks | Dub Architects

    I graduated High School in 2004. :\
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    Edmonton | Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    Who is down for a friendly boxing match between @kcantor and @archited? I've got two pairs of 8oz gloves at the ready. Let me know a time and place, boys!