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  1. J

    Calgary | Frontier | 30m | 8s | Truman | S2 Architecture

    This also has a very large floor plate!
  2. J

    Calgary | The Grid | 50m | 16s | NORR

    I'm perfectly fine with a larger building from an outsiders perspective, but if looking at it from a developer's perspective I'd worry about being able to sell / rent a tower's worth of units.
  3. J

    Calgary | Catalyst | 22.86m | 6s | Centron | NORR

    I wonder when Delish will ever open...
  4. J

    Calgary | The Vibe | 22m | 6s | CivicWorks | Claroscuro

    Some nice density at a ctrain station!
  5. J

    Calgary | Uxborough Phase 1 | 45m | 14s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    I do have some hope given the relatively good quality of this developer's beltline properties they've recently developed.
  6. J

    Calgary | 1900 Marda Loop | 23m | 6s | Sarina Homes

    Europeans run street cars through traffic circles sometimes. But probably not with a 90 degree turn in a small circle. I'd guess the city would have to tunnel under the interchange.
  7. J

    Calgary | The Hat Elbow River | 177.99m | 56s | Cidex Group | NORR

    At least the saving grace for these is the podium is easier to fix in the future, at least compared to a tower.
  8. J

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Way too much surface parking!
  9. J

    Calgary | Palisades of Quarry Park | 48m | 13s | Remington

    Way too much surface parking!
  10. J

    Taza (Tsuut'ina Nation Development) | ?m | ?s | Canderel

    Surprisingly urban. Better than I'd expected!
  11. J

    Calgary | Twenty3 | 19m | 6s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    My guess for these ones on 24th is that there must have been a ruling on the restrictive covenant that allowed them to proceed.
  12. J

    Sunalta Heights | 88.39m | 27s | Housing One | S2 Architecture

    Where did you hear they may have gone bankrupt?
  13. J

    Calgary | The Kenten | 40m | 9s | Davignon Martin

    Why does the developer think this will be successful? It took forever for the Concorde condos across the river to sell.
  14. J

    Calgary | 1601 Kensington Rd | 26m | 8s | Trocan | Gravity Architecture

    Yep, this lot has had a for sale sign for about a month unfortunately.
  15. J

    Calgary | The Cornerstone | 36m | 10s | Peoplefirst

    It's starting to look more residential.
  16. J

    Calgary | Kensington Mixed Use | 20m | 6s | Stonebriar | McKinley Burkart

    I hate to agree with NIMBYs but I do agree with the power pole issues.
  17. J

    Calgary | Autumn | 22m | 6s | Homes by Avi | LEMAYMICHAUD

    Gives me similar vibes of South Bank, but not quite as nice as South Bank.
  18. J

    Calgary | Martel Block | 8m | 2s | Systemic Architecture

    I really look forward to their removal. On a related note, does anyone have stats on relative reliability / uptime of power for buried vs overhead lines? I lived in the GTA for a short period of time, and there seemed to be way more power outages due to storms knocking down overhead wires than...
  19. J

    Calgary | Northland Village Redevelopment | 19m | 6s | DIALOG

    I really wish they started with an infill ctrain station, and the redevelopment closer to the ctrain. Then it wouldn't be ridiculously car dependent apartments that are getting built.
  20. J

    Calgary | Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    I also think it's important to point out that the last location would have benefitted from having two ctrain lines accessible. Any of the alternatives that I've seen talked about would only really have one line within walking distance.