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  1. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | Cherry House at Canary Landing | 50.32m | 13s | Dream | COBE Architects

    I will say two things I noticed when I took these pics The first is that the pink panels seem quite dusty / dirty from transportation and on site storage. I anticipate they will get a final spray down once construction is completed which should help them appear more uniform. Secondly, the...
  2. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | The Whitfield | 130m | 39s | Menkes | Giannone Petricone

    Should fly up once it reaches the tower floors. Very anxious to see the cladding here!
  3. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | Junction House | 40.23m | 9s | Slate | superkül

    Very nice but that soffit detail above the townhouses is a bit rough.
  4. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | The HUB | 258.46m | 59s | Oxford Properties | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    I know it's just speculation right now but something like Maple Leaf Square feels like it could be possible here (Office / retail in podium w hotel and residential uses above)
  5. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | The Goode Condos | 111.4m | 33s | Graywood | a—A

    I don't know about connoisseur - certainly not a professional in any case. Just observant to trends with a healthy dose of a highly niche interests!
  6. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | The Goode Condos | 111.4m | 33s | Graywood | a—A

    Endicott medium ironspot 46 in what looks like smooth Norman size. Nice that it's hand laid real masonry but it's quickly becoming overused as it's the same brick on all the Maple House buildings and the Cherry House building at the corner. Yawn! I was in Montreal earlier this year and...
  7. DavidCapizzano

    The Toronto Tree Thread

    These trees on Harbour seem to be doing very well
  8. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Love Park | 3m | 1s | City of Toronto | CCxA

    Nice! I tweeted at PFR last week that one of them was damaged / dead. Never heard a response but glad it was fixed
  9. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto Toronto | 400 King West | 157.37m | 48s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

    Seeing the scale of the podium fully formed, I'm really worried about the glassy treatment of the first two floors. They really should have pulled the brick piers all the way down to the sidewalk........