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    Crane Count

    1900 Marda Loop
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    Infill Development Discussion

    Bankview, or Banff Trail? 🤔
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    General Construction Updates

    That would be Flyover Block. Add your update there!
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    Calgary | Leland Park | 18m | 5s | ICM Development | CTZN

    DP2023-08269 status: In Advertising The application was approved on June 03, 2024. After a development permit is approved, it will be advertised on The City of Calgary's public notice webpage . Any appeal of the decision must be submitted to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board from...
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    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | University of Calgary Properties Group

    I used to live in stumbling distance from ML, and the only pub consistently open in the late evening was OJ's. (I was not especially nearby the Trop). Merchants/Union Station/Wolfman's was not open late, and neither was the Garrison Pub. The former O Restaurant/Mad Rose/Pubblico was always a...
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    Calgary | 906 Office Conversion | 80.5m | 22s | Makan Properties | Zeidler

    Part of me agrees, but part of me recognizes this shrinks the population they can draw from to come in and have a drink/pay the cover. I was hoping they'd move to somewhere no further west than Sunalta (where they used to be), and no further east than Inglewood.
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    Calgary | West Village Towers | 149.95m | 42s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    I wonder if there's more nice brick hiding under the crappy aluminum siding.
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    Calgary | Midfield Heights | 40m | 11s | City of Calgary

    Hopefully it has some good pedestrian connections to Deerfoot Meadows
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    Calgary | Westmount Development | 12m | 4s | Anthem

    DMAP link for the land use redesignation to M-H1 for the new plan: LOC2023-0203 Under Review Comments on this application are accepted until June 21, 2024. Comments received after this date may be considered at the discretion of City planning staff.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    If nothing else, it replaces the small 3-car parking lot on the corner with a patio 👍.
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    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | University of Calgary Properties Group

    That's assuming they don't eventually gut reno it and remove all the built-up character, like what happened when Friars became 1600 World Bier Haus
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    Calgary | University District | ?m | ?s | University of Calgary Properties Group

    1600 World Bier Haus in Glenmore Landing is another one. It's also a generic pub, but the patio is pleasant.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Is that the property with the never-ending yard sale? The guy living there sometimes puts things like creepy clown art on his fence facing 14th.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The land use redesignation for the 1500 project (33 Ave in Marda Loop) to MU-1 has been approved.
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    Calgary | Francecso's | 48m | 16s | Arlington Street | DAAS

    Did Thai Tai move out?
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    What is the process for adding something like this to the map/project database? Just ask here? There's quite a bit of stuff on there with the pin in the wrong spot, the wrong name, the wrong details, etc. so I assumed it wasn't just @Surrealplaces who is able to do this?
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    Infill Development Discussion

    I'm also curious about this - if they're building something that would be allowed under R-CG, why go through the effort of redesignation to DC?
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Grand Oaks Mixed Use, 1903 Grand Oaks Dr SW. DMAP New: Multi-Residential Development, Retail and Consumer Service (1 building); 3-storeys (11 metres) in height; and a mixed use building (1 Building).