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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    I recently flew through Pearson... it would be nice if they built out pier G properly for transborder traffic so pier F could handle the increasing international flights/airlines demand. SWISS begins flying 5 weekly with the A330 from May 2024.
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    Toronto photos de-edited: Share your editing process!

    How do you even do that?! mind blowing!
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    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    There's a ton of housing going up in West Vaughan/Kleinburg and NE Brampton. Getting to a Barrie or Kitchener Line station will become an arduous trek so this is excellent news.
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    wow the unionville and Milliken station and surrounding areas have changed so much since I was last there.
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    Toronto Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    That is awesome... hope they do the remaining teamways like this ASAP! :)
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    Caledon-Vaughan GO Rail Line

    Completely agree, even though it would greatly improve my life if there was GO station in Kleinburg! :)
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    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    True, but they're also currently welding people's front doors shut as way of quarantining them for COVID-19. I'd pick Toronto every single time.
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    On the way into work this morning I noticed that the east side of Union off of the Grand Hall was opened up... looked pretty complete from a quick glance through the fencing. Sorry couldn't grab a pic.
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    Toronto Toronto | Scotiabank Arena Renovations | ?m | ?s | MLSE | BBB

    Toronto didn't copy LA and certainly NOT Dallas. :) Both Staples' LA Live and ACC's Maple Leaf Square opened up around 2008/09. Dallas' American Airlines Center added their Victory Park space even later... 2012 IIRC.
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    Does Toronto Have Enough Tourist Pull?

    No idea why you're so angry about Amsterdam. However, if I may be presumptuous, something may have been lost in translation. I said "European cities have at least a 500 yr head start on Toronto" FYI Toronto's first settlement (not including indigenous peoples) was in 1793, therefore 2019-1793 =...
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    Does Toronto Have Enough Tourist Pull?

    While I understand some people have well deserved appreciation for European cities, people forget that those cities for example, were covered with overhead wires as well until many of them were utterly destroyed by WW1 & WW2. The rebuilding of those cities allowed planners to effectively begin...
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    Does Toronto Have Enough Tourist Pull?

    Well let's use a comparable city like Chicago where I used to live. I know, I know, there's a ton of UT history re: Chicago v. Toronto comparisons... I'm not trying to start THAT debate again lol :) Willis Tower Navy Pier Buckingham Fountain/Millenium Park/Grant Park Field Museum Art Institute...
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    Does Toronto Have Enough Tourist Pull?

    Hmmm really? Just off the top of my head... CN Tower Ripley's Aquarium Roundhouse Park/Train Museum ROM AGO Fort York Science Centre Centre Island/Waterfront Casa Loma Hockey Hall of Fame Kensington Market St. Lawrence Market Bata Show Museum Mink Mile High Park Scarborough Bluffs Canada's...
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    Toronto Toronto | Scotiabank Arena Renovations | ?m | ?s | MLSE | BBB

    I prefer the black cladding tbh. It gives the arena a more finished, less suburban industrial warehouse look.
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    Toronto Toronto | W Hotel Toronto | ?m | 9s | Larco | a—A

    Agree. "Lipstick on a pig" is what most comes to mind with this announcement.
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    Toronto Toronto | W Hotel Toronto | ?m | 9s | Larco | a—A TORONTO, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) has signed an agreement with Larco to bring W Hotels' bold design, signature Whatever/Whenever®...
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    I'm guessing it probably means Pier H as there likely isn't enough space for 11 jetways on the west side of gate 193.
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    I hope no advertising. Especially since their new advertising partner is Rogers. They will be plastering their logo all over YYZ as it is. Sortof like Scotiabank Arena.
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    YAY to glass bridges... even Norway has them at OSL. Hope they retrofit them across the rest of the airport.
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    There's a ton of transport truck traffic that needs to go west at the future 427 terminus (hopefully the CP Yard adds an entrance from Major Mac to Coronation) and folks heading to a rapidly expanding Bolton. Having that ramp will be a great benefit as it will reduce traffic bottlenecks that...