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  1. J

    Ontario Northland/Northern Ontario Transportation

    Mark, I wanted to say that those are fantastic points you raised on how best to handle the Northlander other than "SELL! KILL! SELL!". If only the government could listen to this sage advice and apply it. I'm not optimistic, though. It's a shame that VIA couldn't take over the Toronto-North Bay...
  2. J

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Copying questions aside, it's worth asking about the particulars of this proposal, as presented by the map. In particular, is Ms. Thompson honestly proposing that additional stations be built at Willowdale, Yonge Blvd and Glencairn? Is she sure that this is the wisest use of limited resources...
  3. J

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    This is almost certainly a modification of Miguel's map. I thought it was similar, but when others pointed out just how similar, I can't think we can be looking at a coincidence, here. Some of what people have noted, and some new stuff: - The remnant "Interchange" symbol at Downsview, where...
  4. J

    Gargoyles, Statuary and Other Ephemera on Toronto's Buildings

    Dear Folks, I'm looking to take photos of Toronto's gargoyles. I know about the ones on Old City Hall, Queen's Park and King's College. Are there any other favourites? What are yours? ...James
  5. J

    Toronto Transportation Idiosyncracies

    Regarding one way streets: there is certainly a factor in how a one-way street is designed. From what I've seen of Buenos Aires, the avenues are wide, and the sidewalks are wide. There are buffer zones between the fast moving vehicles and the pedestrians, which allows a good pedestrian zone to...
  6. J

    Toronto Transportation Idiosyncracies

    This is not a silly rule, in my opinion. It depends on what you want the streets to do. Currently, Richmond and Adelaide function well as off-ramps for the DVP, and their importance will likely increase if the Gardiner is brought down between Jarvis and the Don River. However, as...
  7. J

    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    Car availability for Sheppard East is not a problem, since the current streetcar procurement covers replacement of the current fleet ONLY. Transit City is in addition to the streetcar replacement purchase, and the cost of building each line is supposed to include the cost of purchasing enough...
  8. J

    Toronto Transit Trivia

    Ah, thanks. ...James
  9. J

    Toronto Transit Trivia

    Actually, High Park was the answer I was looking for, although Queen is also legitimate (you cross under at the Queen Street exit, and over at the Shuter Street exit). Bloor is technically correct, since you cross beneath the Yonge tracks via the Bloor-Danforth platform, and over via the...
  10. J

    Toronto Transit Trivia

    Here's one given to me by a friend: Name the one station where it is possible to cross from one platform to the other within the fare paid zone, both going above AND below the subway tracks. ...James
  11. J

    Yonge Express Subway (Y.E.S)

    The idea of a Yonge Express subway has come up occasionally, but I think the engineering challenge of putting in something beneath or beside the Yonge line south of Bloor, not to mention the nightmarish challenge of the Bloor/Yonge interchange, would make the line prohibitively expensive, and...
  12. J

    Toronto Toronto | Union Pearson Express | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | MMM Group Limited

    It _is_ an interesting contrast and worth looking at the reasons for it. At first glance, I'd point out that the bulk of the Junction isn't split by the railroad tracks the same way that Weston is. The area to the north of the tracks are part of the Slaughterhouse lands, and northeast of the...
  13. J

    Province eyes Metrolinx shakeup

    I choose take away seats. Back in 2002, the TTC compared a Yonge extension to Clark Blvd against the York University extension and the Sheppard extension to Victoria Park, and found that the Yonge extension actually had a higher ridership potential than either extension, close to 10,000 pph...
  14. J

    Transit City Plan

    And I do have to say that I find these conspiracy theories to be tedious and it really harms the credibility of the discussion here. No one is out to get Mel Lastman, and many of the people supporting the Sheppard East LRT were just a couple of years ago advocating for the completion of the...
  15. J

    Transit City Plan

    Eglinton is harder to build, being as the central portion has to go underground. So, even though it has been identified as a priority, along with Sheppard East and Finch West, it's going to take longer to build and open later. Sheppard East is a pretty simple build (with the exception of the...
  16. J

    Toronto Toronto | St. Clair West Transit Improvements | ?m | ?s | TTC

    There's also the fact that the Scarlett Road underpass beneath the CP tracks is being redesigned with private right-of-way pre-installed.
  17. J

    Fate of the SRT

    I think that's why it's important to take the University subway approach to some of these stations, with the cross street name placed in smaller text beneath the station name.
  18. J

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    I actually think that the York University extension, as it is now conceived, would be better suited as an extension of the Sheppard rather than the Spadina subway. You could build the line to Sheppard standards and save a little money, and I think there is a fair amount of crosstown potential --...
  19. J

    Transit Fantasy Maps

    It took me a while, but I updated my own fantasy map to incorporate suggestions here. These included: - extension of the Downtown-Don Mills line to Seneca College - extension of the Sheppard-Finch line to Woodbine and the Airport and the Eglinton-Crosstown line to meet it. - revision of the...