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    TTC Museum / Visitor Centre

    who would visit this museum? :S
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    Rendering For One Bloor East Condos By Great Gulf Homes Finally Revealed

    wow... another box. i wonder if these curves are on all 4 sides or just this one side. aqua looks MUCH better too.
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    is that green rooftop in those renderings bird-eye-view renderings? like, is that grass?
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Pearson Express | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | MMM Group Limited

    I think even if the airport express train fare at $45-55, it would still be a steal and I'd take it. It beats being in a taxi and having the unpredictability of traffic. same with the airport express bus. It beats TTC (i mean, who would take TTC to the airport really.. it's uncomfortable and...
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    Toronto Toronto | Ontario Square and Canada Square | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    why hasn't anyone mentioned hotels? i think the waterfront/queens quay area can have more hotels, with lake/skyline views, a nice walk (after queens quay is redone). retail will then build up more down there and it'll be more vibrant. no?
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    TTC's Fancy New Technologies Thread

    ya hk's subway-riding is very organized and efficient i'd say... singapore has the timing thing too and it's so convenient to know when the train is coming... don't have to look up and out every few seconds cuz ure so anxious. paris has it too and lots of cities have it so for those who are...
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    Beijing Olympic 2008

    ..I said, fake stuff aside........... It was seriously spectacular.. the group precision efforts especially.
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    Beijing Olympic 2008

    gawd the lack of medals from canada is embarrassing, as are the faltering canadian results with poor performances. as if athens results wasn't bad enough already. in a way, i'm starting to feel a hint of gladness for toronto not winning the hosting rights to 08 games.. less world attention on...
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    Toronto 2008 Olympics: A city that might have been

    This is too true: "The point is had we won, change would be here by now. "
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    Toronto | 1233 Queen East | ?m | 8s

    holy talk about off the shelf, that looks exactly like hk's from like what.. over a decade ago? LOL wish we had gotten something better than that.. but i guess it's a huge improvement over the current trains
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    Roads: Gardiner Expressway

    having an at-grade boulevard would be so much better to cross. There would be lights, there would be a median, cars are a bit slower, and... i dunno but I cross University Ave. at Queen St. every day, certainly feels easier than crossing lakeshore under gardiner (i do that at jarvis often)...
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    Museum Station

    yeesh, is it just me or does it feel like some ppl are really negative on this forum... i dunno but as a marketing executive, i think this does a lot more for ttc's branding purposes than anything that "feels like Toronto". If anything, this project speaks louder for TTC communicating that...
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    Museum Station

    i think it looks amazing!!!! wish it looked better like that rendering with the nice ceiling with bright lights... but still, i think it really looks great and interesting. love it.
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    Toronto Toronto | CN Tower: Entry Pavilion, Plaza, Renos | ?m | ?s | CLC | Arcadis

    when are they unveiling this glass-bottom elevator thing?
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    Toronto Toronto | Velocity at the Square | 122.52m | 40s | HNR | P + S / IBI

    omg it's just ugly. reeeeeeeally wish jack diamond can be banished from designing in toronto... that's just horrible! it's so bad, it shouldn't even deserve any redeeming points ppl say. it just doesn't matter. not when it's so badly designed overall.
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    Waterfront: Jarvis Slip Public Space Design Competition

    west8 was my fave but this winning cormier design is much better than jra so i'm happy still. the beach facing redpath makes zero sense to me still, the juxtaposition doesn't work. is redpath staying forever?
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    Waterfront: Jarvis Slip Public Space Design Competition

    is that the actual slip? as in where they park that ship? it's probably so that they can build the new west8 slip thing
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    Waterfront: Jarvis Slip Public Space Design Competition

    Cormier's juxtaposition of that 'beach' to the industrial redpath/ship thing doesn't work at all for me. when ppl go, they're gonna think why the heck would they be on that beach to look at a ship's bottom... and not facing the open sky and lake to the south. JR's is just... too bland. the...
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    Waterfront: Jarvis Slip Public Space Design Competition

    wow i seriously only like the west8 one... the other 2 kinda... suck.
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    The Tenor (10 Dundas St E, Ent Prop Trust, 10s, Baldwin & Franklin)

    that MetroMan layout looks sooo much better and makes a lot better sense for traffic flow.