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    Calgary | Oliver | 121.3m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    I was literally thinking how the City should undertake to improve 10th ave from this area all the way to Sunalta and incorporate it into the Sunalta Main Streets Plan. If we keep adding a wall of condos to the train tracks, eventually there will be a crush of pedestrians and cyclists, for which...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    That explains why I noticed that the florist that used to be in the building on the corner seems to be relocating to one of the buildings next to Marda Loop Brewery.
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    Calgary | 2501 Richmond | 105m | 30s | Minto

    I think the new layout will incorporate better into the surrounding area than the previous "master plan" layout, which I think would have felt kind of closed off/gated to those who don't live in the community. The roadway and pathway network in the previous iteration was inefficient, and a...
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    Calgary | The Forge | 16.5m | 6s | Kanas | Gibbs Gage

    Pretty good execution on this one.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The problem is you’re going to have a 6-story blank wall over the corner lot when we could have proper frontage on two sides of the building.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    That’s the one! Hoping both parties can reach an agreement. Would be a shame to lose the opportunity to redevelop the gateway corner with something more inviting.
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    Calgary | Plaza 34 | 22.7m | 6s | Mancal | LOLA

    Not a big fan of the look of this one. My thoughts: The retail bays, particularly on the north side of the building, are going to be really dark with the overhang. The balconies look slapped on. Wish the sight triangle was at the 34 Ave corner (would have made for a good sidewalk cafe...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    You’re right! It was decent when it was a Liquor Depot. It’s not good now that it’s an Ace Liquor.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The liquor store has really gone downhill since becoming a Liquor Depot. It used to have a decent selection of wine and had taps to fill growlers. I was in yesterday and couldn't tell if they were liquidating their stock or just aren't keeping much stock anymore (maybe because of the impending...
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    Calgary | Edmonton Trail Mixed Use | 22.5m | 6s | Rick Balbi

    Last we saw this was West Tenth 1400.
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    Calgary | 2501 Richmond | 105m | 30s | Minto

    Got an email from RKHCA today re: a Grassroots Community Planning Workshop to “consolidate the community’s visions of what might be possible on the old Viscount Bennett site” and because “Neither the City nor the developer have been willing to organize a planning workshop for all parties to work...
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    Calgary | River Club | 56m | 15s | Urban Capital | DIALOG

    I really like this. Gives me frozen Miami vibes.
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    General Construction Updates

    I noticed fencing went up on this empty lot this week.
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    Infill Development Discussion

    I really like the Oldstreet developments.
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    Infill Development Discussion

    I think RNDSQR was on the brink. Seems like they’ve gone back to their infill roots and away from the mid-rises that almost did them in. Interestingly, I received an email from RNDSQR the other day for “m ddl School”, a crash course taught by Alkarim Devani on delivering missing middle...
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    Calgary | The Cornerstone | 36m | 10s | Peoplefirst

    The first couple floors have definitely pulled the building together, but yeah, its still not great.
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    Calgary | United Place Conversion | 27m | 8s | United Canadian Investments

    I’d like to say I’m excited for this one but I seem to recall the plan for this one is to cover the brick.
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    General Construction Updates

    My dream for that lot is the City (or some nice philanthropist) buys it and repurposes it as a plaza/park space. I thought with all the pizza places/coffee shops/breweries (the City allows public drinking in this park/plaza in my dream) it would be nice to have a gathering space, especially with...
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    Calgary | Unbuilt Projects

    Has anyone ever read "Unbuilt Calgary"? I own the "Unbuilt Toronto" and "Unbuilt Toronto 2" books which I thought were really good, so wondered if anyone has read the Calgary edition (different authors). Calgary could probably use a 2nd edition.
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    Calgary Regional Rail Transit

    And now a private company is proposing rail from Calgary to Montana.