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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    For those drivers that want to drive from 403EB to Mohawk/Rousseaux westbound it is quite the easy detour. First exit on LINC, cross bridge and get back on the LINC heading westbound. It takes maybe 90 seconds of your life to do this. There is no demand to spend tens of millions for a few...
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    Hamilton Toronto | 175 John Street North | 46.2m | 12s | Darpel Investments | srm Architects

    Better then the original proposal. I love that its not grey.
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    Hamilton Toronto | Lincoln Alexander Hall | 59.31m | 15s | Knightstone | Diamond Schmitt

    The base of one of the cranes is now installed.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 80 John Street North | 100.2m | 30s | Kaneff | McCallum Sather

    Yep, another project shelved indefinitely or just plain dead.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 75 James Condos | 108m | 34s | LIUNA | Graziani + Corazza

    The Hamilton Club is not a gentlemen's club with mostly being a space for business meetings, good food and drinks. Membership is required.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 676 King Street West | 29.9m | 8s | King Dundurn | Lintack Architects

    I am not a fan of those three loft style units with the stairs going down to the street. This is a major thoroughfare with a busy HSR and GO pickup stop right where those stairs will be.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 354 King Street West | 82.71m | 25s | Vrancor Development | srm Architects

    Just remember that our city gave the OKAY for the site plan. Most of the cities in southern Ontario won't allow the terrible site plans that are allowed here.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 405 Main Street West | 21.05m | 7s | 3H Properties | RevelHouse

    Looks very similar to the garbage in Dundas nearing completion with those terrible concrete panels.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 129-131 Wellington Street North | 15.19m | 4s | WQP | RAW Design

    I do not understand the bricked up windows nor the half-sized windows placed at the bottom of the floor. Truly bizarre.
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    There are a few operating signs near Kingston but they currently have no clients "Place your ad here" signs
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    Hamilton Toronto | 1065 Paramount Drive | ?m | 8s | Mikmada | srm Architects

    Rubber stamp 'approved' and get this going. It's not the prettiest buildings out there but it's better then most of its surrounding structures.
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    Hamilton Toronto | Sanders Garden Condos | ?m | 12s | Bloomfield Group | Architectural Design

    I love the palm tree in the tower rendering. It's good to see this project get going.
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    Hamilton Toronto | 1065 Paramount Drive | ?m | 8s | Mikmada | srm Architects

    There is NO traffic issues with Paramount Drive, especially at this location. In the past the traffic levels were so low that it encouraged excessive speeding, hence why there is stop signs everywhere when decades ago there was almost none. This site also has virtually no neighbours to make...
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    Hamilton Toronto | Marquee Residence | 106.07m | 32s | Vrancor Development | Kirkor

    This is supposed to be an Afgani grocery store.
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    Hamilton Toronto | Platinum Condos | ?m | 24s | Coletara Development | McCallum Sather

    Sterile at street level is a great way to describe this building.
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    For days now this thread has discussed nothing about highway construction/improvements. Why not make a new thread concerning possible futuristic travel patterns instead?
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    Roads: Gardiner Expressway catch-all, incl. Hybrid Design (2015-onwards)

    All on and off ramps are already their own right of way with pedestrian access illegal.
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    Hamilton Toronto | Hamilton Line B LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    Is this the ION thread or the Hamilton LRT thread?