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    Churchill Square

    I wonder how many millions of dollars the city spends on upkeep. I wonder how much is wasted removing graffiti, fixing broken street furniture, picking up garbage strewn all over the place, repairing damaged bus shelters and fixing all the damage from all the other sorts of vandalism we see in...
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    I worked at that theater and was working that day. My manager made me skip school. I was in grade 11. That sure was a fun summer working there during Return of the Jedi. Sold out shows for months. 😀😀😀
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    Not to be disrespectful but why do you consider it lame? It brings workers and people into that vast wasteland of that part of downtown.
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    I went for a walk downtown tonight between 8 PM and 10 PM. I started on 109th St. and made my way to 99th St. and walked up and down between 103rd Ave. and Jasper Avenue. I am pleased to report that the graffiti on the old Birks building on 104 Street Has been cleaned up. It was of course very...
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    Edmonton music concerts

    I saw Billy Idol and Platinum Blonde at the Kinsman Fieldhouse in 1984. Boy those 40 years go by fast 😆😆
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    I’m not sure. I also had issues at seeing the photos that were posted today but they all seem to be fixed now. Perhaps it was a problem with the site.
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    General Infill Discussion

    One more thing. I think that little wedge between 136 Street and 139 St. between 102 Avenue and stony plain road should also be fair game to more dense development as it will be close to the future LRT station. And I don’t believe in that little pocket there are many true heritage homes.
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    General Infill Discussion

    I grew up in Glenora. I went to Glenora school and Westminster junior high. I believe the part of Glenora south of stony plain road should be protected. I have seen several homes, beautiful old homes, replaced by new monstrosities (see 132 street as an example). We don’t have a lot of heritage...
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    As an eternal optimist about our beautiful city I choose to believe the more positive report. 😀
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Interesting because according to Avison Young Edmonton had two strong quarters of absorption downtown. Here is the link: From the report: What's the scoop? Q4 2023 continued upward momentum In 2023, Edmonton's office market showed...
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    ICE District

    It is so frustrating and sad and annoying and enraging that such a small group of people can have such a negative effect on the atmosphere of the city. I was at the Cabin on 116 Street on Friday night and some homeless person obviously high on drugs proceeded to empty the garbage can across...
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    I saw these two new rezoning applications today.
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    Edmonton | Williams Hall | ?m | 7s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    When I was a kid it was JB big boys.
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Great news for housing starts in Edmonton December 2023 from CMHC.
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    Downtown Real Estate

    It’s a good thing that Edmonton has had 2 quarters of net absorption downtown and in the suburbs. From CBRE.
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    Edmonton | The Shift | 113.08m | 38s | Edgar | MCM Partnership

    Well on a positive note for our downtown CBRE reports 158160 ft2 absorbed downtown in 2023 Q4.
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    Saw this trailer on the empty lot on 103 A Ave. and 116th St. Is this for a development or is this for the LRT on 104 Avenue?
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    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Yes. Growing up on Stony Plain Road you do get used to the drone of the traffic but when the J2 started that would sure rattle the house. And when the Rebels had a clubhouse on Stony Plain Road and 125 Street they sure would make a lot of noise. I think the new Stony Plain Road in Glenora is a...
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    Edmonton | The Clancey | 103.02m | 28s | Wexford Developments | DIALOG

    Thanks so much for your replies. I guess I am confused because our population is growing quite nicely but all of these beautiful projects that are set to be developed seem to stall for whatever reason. It would seem to me there’s lots of demand here in the city so not understanding why they are...
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    Edmonton | The Clancey | 103.02m | 28s | Wexford Developments | DIALOG

    Hello Everybody talks about how bad the conditions are in Edmonton. But from everything I read are population is growing quite quickly (faster than Calgary) and we had a good unemployment report so I’m not really understanding why we have such bad conditions. Please look at the following below...