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  1. thommyjo

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    There is so much parking along 111th in the form of surface lots and parkades. I wonder if any of them would be made more public/useable for visitors? Must be capacity for 1000+ vehicles across these lots. Does that church rent theirs out during weekdays?
  2. thommyjo

    LRT Expansion Planning

    @Reecemartin very grateful for the video. Thanks for your encouragements and also challenges for ways our city can improve! 87ave connection/bridge seems like a massive opportunity, glad you mentioned it! Not sure who crapped in some people’s cornflakes, but please ignore the unhelpful...
  3. thommyjo

    Edmonton | Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

    my buddy manages the cactus on jasper. Said they looked initially is what he heard, but stuck with their jasper location. They see it as meeting the same “area need”, while having parking, less social issues, and cheaper rates than ice district.
  4. thommyjo

    Warehouse District Park

    In a funny way, fountains and skating rinks are similar with this park. In the sense that there are lots of other nearby ones. So do we need another? At the same time, those are proven to be successful in attracting good crowds to our parks. So not having them feels like a miss. I think the...
  5. thommyjo


    This looks to be the retirement home conversion on 103ave?
  6. thommyjo

    The Parks | 146.91m | 45s | 35s | 13s | Pangman | Hariri Pontarini

    Poor quality screenshot of a video my friend posted who lives at the Hendrix. Cool to see how massive the parks feels from this angle.
  7. thommyjo


    This is Toronto data, but I could image we aren’t way different? Surprised to still see such an increase this year tbh.
  8. thommyjo

    Edmonton | Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Know if anywhere with our winters has these? Id imagine that makes them hard to install here
  9. thommyjo

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Really hope the TOD spark can help 104th ave. What a bleak shot of our “central city”
  10. thommyjo

    Accidental Beach

    I wouldn’t post that third photo without permission…
  11. thommyjo

    High Level Bridge

    Challenge with HLL is there’s too much uncertainty. I think we should commit to a rebuild that kills 5 birds with 1 stone. HSR & government centre terminal. Festival line LRT/BRT crossing for central circulator. Linear park with walking/biking connections. 3 lanes of vehicle capacity and no...
  12. thommyjo

    Edmonton | Michener Park Redevelopment | ?m | ?s

    Really excited for this to all get going. Hopefully we can hit a similar momentum to what UDistrict is getting lately in Calgary. Here’s some of what they’ve got going down south.
  13. thommyjo

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    What a communist nightmare /s
  14. thommyjo

    General Food & Dining Thread

    Definitely needs a lot more density along it to help. The western edge drops off so quickly with the valley/groat, and low density neighborhoods. Wihkwentowin helps, but it’s got lots of stuff in all directions.
  15. thommyjo

    Edmonton | The Jameson | 53.95m | 17s | Open Sky | Acton Ostry

    Someone please buy and build! 🙏
  16. thommyjo

    Warehouse District Park

    The imagineers doc on Disney+ talks a lot about this. It’s pretty cool. Hollywood studies was the “flop” vs others. And many point to a deviation from the proven “method”. A big part of which was the central feature of their resorts
  17. thommyjo

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Agreed. But when monthly insurance, depreciation/payments, etc are all “sunk” already, it feels easier to just use your car a little more than the very obvious $5-7 round trip cost. So parking is really the only easy direct cost comparison for people to mentally choose between for driving vs...
  18. thommyjo


    What’s made it a disaster?
  19. thommyjo

    Warehouse District Park

    It’s like when Disney tried to build a park without a central feature…big mistake.
  20. thommyjo

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    This, 100%. Unless you are commuting for work/school at least 3x a week, the costs just don’t work for “choice users”. We will continue to have transit primarily used by “captured riders”, who rely on it due to income/vehicle costs, inability to drive for physical/mental/legal reasons, and...