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  1. RH van der Rohe

    Capital Line LRT

    Are there any drawings on how the intersection will look like? I recall reading somewhere that the LRT line will go underneath 23 ave.
  2. RH van der Rohe

    West Edmonton Mall

    I rode it just before the pandemic hit. First and last time...😞
  3. RH van der Rohe

    U of A real estate

    A lot less surface parking that earlier versions, it there going to be underground parking for D, G, H, I?
  4. RH van der Rohe

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Thanks for volunteering! it was a great event and I think it showed our city very well. Two disappointments for me: I thought there would be more spectators, I guess the weather played a part and that the finishing hill is not hard enough to make a selection. I don't think we will get a Pro Tour...
  5. RH van der Rohe

    Terwillegar Drive Expansion

    Second the thoughts on the MUP. I was hoping kids could use it to bike to Windermere currents from Terwillegar. This proposal looks like a Wipeout obstacle course. People in the area have suggested a pedestrian bridge on 156 Street. Cartmell townhall is on the 19th, seems I have a reason to log...
  6. RH van der Rohe

    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    I was in the building for the first time last week. As much as I dislike the exterior, the interior is great, I like the amount of light inside, the plants, even the brick everywhere is not something very usual. Given our weather it is nice to have all those services in a big building with...
  7. RH van der Rohe

    Edmonton | Muriel Ross Abdurahman Court | ?m | 4s | Carlson Construction | Voschell Architecture and Design | ?m | 4s

    Will be very interesting to see pictures of the inside of the units once it's finished. I like how the building looks now, hoping for a more elegant finish than the multi color panels in the renders.
  8. RH van der Rohe

    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    The Seagram in Manhattan is mid to late 50s. I thought the dancing house was mid 90s. We don't hear much about 80's architecture but appreciation for modernism was perhaps making a comeback and exploded in the 90s with Foster, Gehry, Herzog and de Meuron, Hadid, etc.
  9. RH van der Rohe

    Victoria Park Re-design

    Add a mountain bike "flow" downhill trail from the top at Victoria road down to the baseball diamond by the Glenora clubhouse and you have my vote.
  10. RH van der Rohe


    Raises the standard for the area a bit. I don't understand why no one tries designing these things with a central turf grass, restaurants on the first floor and the office space above or in a small tower. They will already have underground parking, why don't give the surface back to people...
  11. RH van der Rohe

    Suburban Development and Sprawl

    Judging from my community FB page, #1 topic is lost pets, #2 people want empty bottles, #3 people hate the black/green bin, #4(seasonal) street/alley has not been plowed.
  12. RH van der Rohe

    Anthony Henday Drive

    At the North Saskatchewan south bridge they are widening the supports at the top of the columns. The work is happening under the highway, not noticed from the top but I have seen workers when I am cycling in the area. They have also cordoned off the area under the sections where they are...
  13. RH van der Rohe

    Edmonton | Michener Park Redevelopment | ?m | ?s

    There were pictures of 4 options for the site plan on the U of A real estate thread. Hope they try something different around the commercial area like a smaller grocery and street level retail on 48st leading into that park. Also they should push all parking underground, I think the location can...
  14. RH van der Rohe

    Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

    Sound like the current opinion consensus on the river valley is conservationists and hikers hate on bikers, runners kind of take a wait and see approach and everyone hates on golfers. General public just want planters, benches, BBQs and being able to legally drink.
  15. RH van der Rohe

    Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

    It's disappointing that this is turning into a battle between conservationists and groups with a recreation focus. I am participating but not placing a lot of faith in the process. It does seem that even when there is consultation the decision and plan going forward will be decided and spelled...
  16. RH van der Rohe

    132 Ave Renewal

    This would be a huge upgrade over the two current options of surviving a roundabout in a bike a) accept the fact you will dismount, awkwardly mon onto the sidewalk and waste 5 minutes. b) act like a car, claim a lane, hope you don't get hit from behind or turned into from the inner lane or by...
  17. RH van der Rohe

    Downtown Real Estate

    Yeah but those condo fees, no matter how good the amenities are, 800+ is very expensive.
  18. RH van der Rohe

    U of A real estate

    This will be a great one to follow, wonder where they will be priced. Schools in the area are already good and there is great access to the Whitemud, the ravines and LRT. It would also be a good opportunity to get all parking underground and create a small walkable commercial area along 48th Av...
  19. RH van der Rohe

    Suburban Development and Sprawl

    No zoning and you could end up like Houston. I thought that was the worst until I spent a few weeks in Mexico after a few years away and ventured out in the suburban sprawl in a couple cities, I think they've reached new lows.