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  1. gabe

    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    it seems we are in a bit of a summer surge. I was in Vancouver a couple weeks ago for a wedding. People got sick with COVID after the wedding. My boyfriend included. Thankfully it was mild for him. But one guest ended up in the hospital. I had a dinner party cancelled this weekend in...
  2. gabe

    How's the weather in your area?

    I spent the last two weeks in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Even on days with 28 degree temperatures, Mother Nature's very own air conditioning kicked in and cooled the nights off. I never used the AC once! I left my balcony door open all night, they don't have bugs out there like we have...
  3. gabe

    How's the weather in your area?

    Just a little wet!! What a wet awful summer.
  4. gabe

    LCBO / The Beer Store

    Another huge blow to the environment. Shame on Ford government !! I was in British Columbia recently, and asked at a deposit center where do all the plastic bottles go? They get sheared into pellets and sold to injection molding companies across Canada and re-used into other plastic...
  5. gabe

    LCBO / The Beer Store

    I was just in the Vancouver area. The deposit system there can be done cashless. Just drop your bag of mixed recyclables off at a recycling depot. ( cans, bottles, plastic bottles, jugs, and even milk cartons) and they will sort it and add the money to your account.. It's all...
  6. gabe

    LCBO / The Beer Store

    B.C has the best liquor sales model in Canada, provincial stores where you can get certain items and the private stores that specialize in things like wine or whiskey or beer. And way better selections than the LCBO. I usually find barren shelves for miles at the LCBO when i search for my...
  7. gabe

    LCBO / The Beer Store

    Works fine in Quebec and BC. And better for our environment. Keep garbage off our streets. Everyday i see metal cans and plastic bottles. Especially on trails. People will pick it up and get money for it.
  8. gabe

    LCBO / The Beer Store

    I would rather see a deposit/return system on all cans and plastic bottles sold in stores. It may cut down on all the litter. As long as it's like a 25 cent deposit or more. People will think twice about chucking cans/bottles out the car window or tossing Monster Energy cans into my peony...
  9. gabe

    Proposed renaming of Dundas Street

    How about cancelling this nonsense and put the money towards something a little more useful? Yonge-Dundas Square renaming could cost $500K more than budgeted "The city has budgeted $335,000 for the...
  10. gabe

    Marco Muzzo Impaired Driving Case

    This poor woman can't catch a break. Now her house burned down and lost everything.
  11. gabe

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    As a transit rider without a car, yes we have alternatives. But i find the ones up and arms the most at my work about a possible strike, don't even take the TTC lol They drive everywhere!
  12. gabe


    Simons sells more lower to mid level fast fashion type clothing.. Along with some higher end brands. Nordstrom was exclusively a high-end luxury store. Full of the top tier fashion brands.
  13. gabe

    VIA Rail

    If VIA is going to nickel and dime us, i will either just fly or drive the shorter distance trips like Toronto to Ottawa/Montreal.
  14. gabe

    Toronto Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Yes! it's so much fun. @Towered and myself are already lined up for the opening of Shake Shack.
  15. gabe

    Toronto Eaton Centre

    Nothing wrong with Eataly. It's touristy, but it's not awful like some tourist traps. I ate at the Eataly in Vegas recently. It wasn't cheap, but it was still better food qauilty and similar priced as the naerby crappy fast food resturants.
  16. gabe

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Hamas zombies have taken over Union Station. What a mess for us commuters trying to get home :(
  17. gabe

    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    i go to walk in clinics. My doctor is always 2 plus weeks to see. I had one doctor threaten to ban me from the property for using walk in clinics. He went on this big anti Kathleen Wynne rant as well. I found a new doctor after that. Good thing i did. He was charged with possession...
  18. gabe

    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    Yeah, but they got cheaper housing. That's why they never move back to Canada.
  19. gabe

    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    My mom lost an excellent doctor to the US a few years ago. He was a young doctor originally from India. He married another doctor and moved to Atlanta. i bet those two are rolling in the dough. Doctors in the US can make some serious coin, which sucks for us Canadians.
  20. gabe

    Former President Donald Trump's United States of America

    Donald Trump found guilty on all counts in hush-money trial Verdict makes Trump the 1st U.S. president convicted of a crime