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  1. torontologist

    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    Folks, can someone explain why the Adelaide bike lane was moved to the north side of the street? Does it have something to do with Ontario Line construction and the streetcar diversions? What used to be among the fastest, most convenient bike lanes in the city has become nearly useless. The new...
  2. torontologist

    25 The Esplanade

    Some of these posts sound suspiciously like you are all trying to sell units in this building ;)
  3. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Pinnacle One Yonge | 345.5m | 105s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    I think it is very shameful that our heritage preservation system is abused to protect shacks on Queen St E while this building of architectural and cultural significance (and *massive* amounts of embedded carbon) doesn't have any sort of designation. What a joke. Time to designate more...
  4. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Looks like it's time for that GO station at Spadina and Front.... paging @Reecemartin
  5. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Pinnacle One Yonge | 345.5m | 105s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    Got a new vantage point NE of this project. It is absolutely flying…. looks to be 8-9 new floors since April 1. Excited to watch it go up.
  6. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Quay House | 73.15m | 21s | Empire | Kirkor

    Topped out… not so bad looking from the north.
  7. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Ontario Line 3 | ?m | ?s

    I'm not sure why folks here are so convinced that Phase 2 is going to be the eastern extension. I would bet good money that OL is going west before it ever touches Sheppard. Consider who is calling the shots at Queens Park right now and where his riding/house is.... Also consider the plans for...
  8. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Quayside | ?m | ?s | Dream

    Even if the architecture pans out to be 50% of what is in these renders... this might be Toronto's best master-planned community. The views from the amenity spaces on that skybridge.... 🥴🥴🥴
  9. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | King-Bathurst Transit Oriented Community: North Site | 88.9m | 25s | Infrastructure ON | SvN

    The façades have been disassembled and put into storage to be used once the new TOC buildings are constructed.
  10. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Macdonald Block Reconstruction | ?m | ?s | Infrastructure ON | WZMH

    The fear of lawsuits from any injuries/deaths will prevent any exceptions from being made, too risky. I assure you that this mistake was almost certainly made by an overpaid private sector contractor or consultant.
  11. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Mirvish Village (Honest Ed's Redevelopment) | 85.04m | 26s | Westbank | Henriquez Partners

    City's official definition; Bathurst to the Don, lake to rail corridor. Obviously rents are cheaper on the east side and in older buildings, but I saw 2b/2bs in Time and Space that were advertised for 2600. Brand new units with good views- obviously the building has its issues, but that's not...
  12. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Mirvish Village (Honest Ed's Redevelopment) | 85.04m | 26s | Westbank | Henriquez Partners

    It especially doesn't make sense in the current rental market, which is trending down; 700sqf 2bd/2bth units in new builds downtown are renting for $2700, 800 sqf in medium-luxury buildings for around $3,000. I get that the 2 bedroom units are like 1,200 sqf, but $5,000+/mo? Come on. You'd have...
  13. torontologist

    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    Does this mean that red light cameras will be installed to catch violators? The Highway Traffic Act requires a red signal for them... seems like this clears the way for camera enforcement. Then we'll really see some compliance.
  14. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | 38 Walmer Road | 79.58m | 20s | TAS | ZAS Architects

    Let’s not pretend that an OPA isn’t a long, odious process that often results in massive cost increases to appease City Planning’s fairly arbitrary requirements. We all know that it’s hard to make those 4-storey buildings pencil in today’s market, particularly in this location where land costs...
  15. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Canary Commons | 42.06m | 12s | DundeeKilmer | a—A

    Congrats to everyone living in the Canary District- I've got second hand excitement that you are finally getting a grocery store.
  16. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | 137-141 Isabella Street | 231.55m | 69s | Pinedale | BDP Quadrangle

    Does every old house need to be saved? Keeping this house certainly does not justify losing hundreds of units of potential housing... and I'm not sure that keeping its façade would make any sense in a new context as the front of an apartment building. The Annex is bordered by *two* subway...
  17. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    Or even better, they divide it into parcels and sell them off one by one. Master planned multi-block developments like this rarely turn out well, especially with a single developer…
  18. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | Gerrard-Carlaw South TOC: Badgerow, Carlaw & Thackeray Block | 79.08m | 23s | Infrastructure ON | SvN

    Gonna disagree. Perfect location for density like this, even before Gerrard Station opens. Access to two streetcar lines, bikeable distance from Downtown, easy walking distance to commercial streets like Queen, Gerrard and Danforth. I'd gladly live here with or without the station. The block...
  19. torontologist

    Toronto Toronto | 1113-1125 Dundas Street West | 35.5m | 10s | CreateTO | Brook McIlroy

    Build. This. Everywhere. All the SFDs on streets like Dufferin, Christie, Bathurst, Broadview, Pape and Jones are the perfect sites for medium density like this. Soon… soon…