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    Toronto Toronto | The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Sam Mizrahi replaced as construction manager of troubled condo project The One Sam is out
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    Toronto Toronto | U of T: Rotman Commerce Building | ?m | 5s | U of T | 3XN

    Found I think the first rendering from here
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    Toronto Toronto | The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    The cost structure for finishing the last X amount of floors on the building versus putting shovels in the ground on a new development isn’t comparable, considering the up-front costs that have been paid, foundation already built, materials ordered, etc. We’re not dealing with r/wallstreetbets...
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    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    Might as well just reallocate the Eglinton East funds to the waterfront LRT, would be a better use of everyone’s time and money at this point
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    Wonder what are the odds they return to 88 Queens Quay as well
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    Toronto Toronto | Mirvish Village (Honest Ed's Redevelopment) | 85.04m | 26s | Westbank | Henriquez Partners

    Not sure if I missed some news at some point, but is there any update on the old Honest Ed’s sign? Haven’t seen anything on it in some time, beyond the initial plan of restoring and installing it at the Mirvish theatre.
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    Toronto Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Does anyone have an idea if there’s been any movement at all on the tenant front here, or are we most likely to see this vacant for the next X amount of years
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    Toronto Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    If we’re going for unlikely ideas, I think it’d be cool to see a Costco in that spot
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    Toronto Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    Collecting data is one thing, making good use of it is another. Depending on the forces at play, you can shift and manipulate data to construe or support any particular narrative. I wouldn’t assume that they’re making particularly good use of it.
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    Toronto Toronto | Bay Adelaide Centre | 217.92m | 51s | Brookfield | KPMB

    Not to revive a thread for nothing but I found the shoutout to Urban Toronto amusing
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    I believe there are quite a few urban Costcos around the world, including in NYC and Japan. I think actually if they opened one downtown in Toronto, it’d be heavily trafficked, considering that at least anecdotally, one of the primary reasons people eschew Costco memberships downtown is due to a...
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    You’re right, visible increases in services can be a very powerful political tool. Sadly I feel that services tend to be very cyclical in popularity, especially in a municipal setting, where the idea of cutting waste (not to say that our municipal government is allocating resources particularly...
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Hard to buy votes with OpEx, always looks better when you’re buying shiny new things with CapEx. I’d say John Tory has been more egregious on the front of funding operations, and we can see the effect of that every day on the TTC, in our parks, on our streets, etc. The issue is now is the exact...
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    VIA Rail

    Hitachi could be viable considering they did win the bid for the Ontario line, maybe they create a base here. Wonder if Deutsche Bahn gets in on the operations side, might be too much of an expansion all at once in Canada for them though with RER.
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    VIA Rail

    We’ll see, we didn’t end up with decades of Bombardier contracts due to their competence. I’m sure in the end there will be a few consortiums bidding on this, but Alstom has the clear advantage here. Hard to reject bids that start with X facilities supported, $$ in Canadian investment, Y jobs...
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    VIA Rail

    Realistically, is there any chance the Feds go with anyone but Alstom? I feel like having big business lobbying for HSR, especially one with the political sway that Alstom has with their Canadian manufacturing bases and partial Quebec ownership could push HSR to a possible reality for once.
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    VIA Rail

    I feel like they’re saying that these are the times for TGV if they’re being conservative by including sections that are low speed, otherwise the times would be quicker with more high-speed sections (amusingly introducing scope creep into their own scope creep by proposing HSR to begin with)...
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    Toronto Toronto | The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    The thing is, demand for housing for the ultra-ultra wealthy doesn’t just go away. If you simply don’t build for that demographic, then the ultra-ultra wealthy bid on housing for the ultra wealthy, and the ultra wealthy bid on housing for the wealthy, wealthy for the upper-middle class, etc. In...