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Since I live in the area and have a digital I'll try to update this post every few weeks.

Some recently found shots from 2001.
November 18, 2001,01(1).JPG,01(2).JPG,01(3).JPG

Sunday August 25, 2002 Photos of 1 King St W

Monday Photo. Rebar around base

Wednesday August 28

Thursday Sept 5
The crane is ready to go. The concrete base was poured today. Someone posted that the crane will go up Saturday. If true I'll have more photos then.

Friday Sept 6 (7PM)
The crane parts for the crane installing the King W crane are being brought in. Tommorrow we will have a crane. Stay tuned Saturday.

Saturday Sept 7 (10AM)
The crane is being put in place. I think its time to give thanks to the man whose vision and moxy made this happen Harry Stinson (see photo 9). Hello to Brad a fellow forum member who I met this morning. Additional photos will come later today.
The Man Of The Hour: Harry

Saturday (2PM)

Saturday (3:30) The top part is beginning to take shape

View From St Lawrence Market Area (crane not seen)

Saturday (5PM)

Sunday Sept 8, (9am)
Crane at lower left side
Finished Crane

Oct 11
Went by and saw the crane in action. It noticably sways. Lots of guys on the project.

Crane rising over city
Working On The Basement

Nov 2, 2002
Working On The Basement. First basement floor walls done.,02.JPG,02-1.JPG

Side view of first floor.,02-2.JPG

Nov 9, 2002
Construction continues even on a Saturday. Every project that I went to today was active. Trying to finish before winter or is it something else? First underground level almost done.

Workers are in such short demand that they are hiring kids

Cutting the cement along the sides

Nov 13, 2002
New rebar work done in the last few days. Stairs to the bottom floor now in. Rebar within 15 feet of street level.,13.JPG,13(2).JPG

See how much cement they've cut away since Saturday. Check three photos up.,13(1).JPG

Nov 30, 2002
Getting closer to the top. Second underground floor almost done.,02.JPG,02(1).JPG,02(2).JPG

A ramp. For cars?,02(3).JPG,02(4).JPG,02(5).JPG,02(6).JPG,02(7).JPG

December 7, 2002
Slowly rising,02.JPG,02(1).JPG,02(2).JPG,02(3).JPG,02(4).JPG,02(5).JPG,02(6).JPG

Dec 9, 2002
To the street we go.,02.JPG

First street level attempt. Only one foot to go.,02(1).JPG

Dec 14, 2002
It hits the street. Yes its only some rebar but the rest is coming fast.,02.JPG,02(1).JPG,02(2).JPG,02(3).JPG

Dec 26, 2002
The work is very complex so it is moving slowly.,02.JPG,02(1).JPG,02(2).JPG

January 14, 2003
Slowly moving to street level,05.JPG,05(1).JPG,05(2).JPG

February 7, 2003
Above Ground Finally

Moving Garbage Out. This container hit the wall twice while I was watching as the crane operator tried to hit his mark. Of course he can't see his mark, he needs someone at ground level to tell him where to go.,03.JPG

The crane above the project. He can't see most of the site.,03(1).JPG

Looking north towards King,03(2).JPG

Looking north: a close up,03(3).JPG

Looking south from King. Couldn't open the wires in the opening because the workers were too close so the wires are in the picture. First floor beginning to rise.,03(4).JPG,03(5).JPG,03(6).JPG

Sorry that it is a little blury. From the north side of King looking south. The start of the climb above the hoarding.,03(7).JPG

February 23, 2003
Slowly moving up,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG

From the north side of King looking south,03(3).JPG

Looking north,03(4).JPG

February 23, 2003
Looking North: Slowly moving up. I can't see where they left room for the parking elevator.,03(1).JPG

North side of King looking south: Second floor on the rise.,03(4).JPG,03(6).JPG

Looking down,03(9).JPG

The roof of the old TD Bank Building

Awaiting a new skyline. Check out the roof of the building at the southeast corner of King and Yonge. Never noticed the green parts of the roof.

April 1, 2003
From Yonge looking northwest,03(1).JPG
Looking north,03(2).JPG,03(3).JPG
North side of King looking south. Third floor and rising,03(5).JPG
Top down,03(6).JPG

April 18, 2003
From Yonge looking northwest,03(1).JPG
Looking north,03(2).JPG
Looking south,03(3).JPG
Impacting on the skyline from the east?,03(5).JPG
Well sort of...,03(4).JPG

April 29, 2003
Looking north,03(2).JPG
Looking south,03(3).JPG
Looking down,03(4).JPG

May3, 2003
South side and under the sidewalk. Parking elevator or something else?,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG
From the north.,03(3).JPG

May20, 2003
South Side.,03(1).JPG
North Side.,03(2).JPG
Top Down.,03(3).JPG,03(4).JPG,03(6).JPG

June 1, 2003
North Side. Seven floors and rising.,03(2).JPG
Notice how the corner is empty. What are they doing?,03(4).JPG
South side. Again the corner is empty.,03(6).JPG

June 10, 2003
North Side. Eight floors and rising. At this pace they should hit the top of the TD Building by the end of the month or so.,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG
South Side. Only two feet between the buildings,03(4).JPG,03(5).JPG,03(7).JPG

July 9, 2003
South side. Ten floors and rising. Crane's going to have to be raised soon.,03(1).JPG

July 11, 2003
North side. 12th floor. Almost there.,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG

July 14, 2003
South side. Cladding!,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG
One more. It's almost midnight and they are still at work on it.,03(3).JPG

July 25, 2003
South side. Cladding!,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG

North Side: Cladding at the bottom,03(3).JPG,03(4).JPG

Almost There!,03(5).JPG

July 31, 2003
Cladding being installed on the north side.,03(1).JPG

August 7, 2003
Cladding on the south side.,03(1).JPG

Cladding on the north side.,03(2).JPG

We break the top of the TD Bank Building.,03(3).JPG,03(4).JPG

How long has the building next door had the Telus logo?,03(5).JPG

August 9, 2003
Patterned cladding.,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG,03(3).JPG,03(4).JPG

August 10, 2003
Crane starting to make an impact as it rises on the skyline.,03(1).JPG

August 13, 2003
Cladding on the rise,03(1).JPG

August 22, 2003
Monday will be one year since I took the first shots on this thread. Now on the 15th floor,03(1).JPG,03(3).JPG,03(4).JPG,03(5).JPG,03(6).JPG,03(7).JPG

September 5, 2003
Now on the 16th floor,03(5).JPG,03(6).JPG

Up we go! 15th floor on the south side.,03(1).JPG

September 9, 2003
Now on the 17th floor,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG,03(7).JPG

September 11, 2003

September 18, 2003
18th floor and more windows,03(3).JPG,03(4).JPG,03(5).JPG,03(6).JPG,03(9).JPG

September 26, 2003
In the morning.,03(2).JPG
The rest are from the late afternoon.,03(4).JPG
From the south
New cladding on the north side.
From Yonge looking south
From Lakeshore looking north.

October 17, 2003
From Yonge Looking North.,03(1).JPG
Sealing the windows facing Telus?,03(3).JPG
From the southwest.,03(4).JPG
First bits to rise above Telus.
North side now 21 stories.
From Yonge North of King. New floors shorter than the lower ones.
Round part on east face now visable.

October 24, 2003
Now 22 stories high,03-1.JPG,03-3.JPG,03-5.JPG,03-7A.JPG,03-11.JPG,03-12.JPG

November1, 2003
Now 23 stories high
Impacting the skyline from the east. Notice anything at the base?,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG,03(4).JPG
The roof top addition to the TD Bank building, that Mr. Man has mentioned before, is starting to rise. This project is getting cooler by the day.
If you look closely you can see the roof top addition from the northside as well.,03(9).JPG

November5, 2003
From the Toronto Star Building,03(1).JPG,03(2).JPG,03(4).JPG

November7, 2003
Deck on the old TD Building taking shape.,03(1).JPG
Side windows on the south side.,03(2).JPG

Windows on the north side.,03(4).JPG

Starting work on the 24th floor. Because the first 14 floors are one or two feet higher than the ones above I figure we are at about halfway in terms of feet.,03(7).JPG,03(9).JPG

Deck work on the north side.

November8, 2003
From the Downtown Plaza office. Shows the rooftop. According to the sales staff Harry owns the suite on the corner just below rooftop deck. They also said the building would open in September. I assume that means the bottom half.
The final look.
From King East,03(1).JPG

From Yonge,03(3).JPG
Installing a window.,03(9).JPG

November 22, 2003
It's been two years since I started taking photos of 1 King W.

25th floor on the north side and getting the walls ready for the 26th.,03(2).JPG

Roof deck on the TD Building.,03(3).JPG

Walls on the 25th.,03(4).JPG


East view. Slowly impacting.

From Front East.

From Yonge and Esplanade.

From Yonge and Esplanade times 2.

View of the south end of the building.

The north side.

Working on the north side.

December 14, 2003

28th floor on the north side and getting the walls ready for the 29th.



Neat reflection.

From Front East. Cladding on the east side of the building appears.


From Front and Yonge.


From King and Bay

Front entrance. New cinderblock walls.

From Yonge north of King.
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