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Northern Light

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May 20, 2007
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Twas inevitable........the massive height boom at Main/Danforth would spread west.

The Lobbyist Registry tells us that FCR is looking to redevelop the Sobeys and its parking lots on the south side of Danforth, running from just west of Main to the next block at Westlake.

I know previous ownership had mulled something here a number of years ago, then *crickets* for the longest, the idea to intensify here resurfaces.

Assigned addresses in this parcel are 2451 (west parking lot) 2455 (store) and 2489 and 2495 the east parking lot.

However, they are all shown on TO Maps as one legal parcel.

Aerial View:





Crane in the background above is Linx Condo, for which UT has a thread. Height precedent there is 27s; but everything to the west of this site has been approved at mid-rise heights.

Site Size: ~7700m2/82,000ft2

The site is exceedingly large, but is somewhat limited by having a row of SFH/neighbourhood zoning to its south. On the other hand, because this proposal is north of the homes, shadow impacts significantly reduced, really limited in scope to the west/north-west of late afternoons and summer evenings. Privacy/overlook would remain an issue here mind you.

The overall site area easily supports two midrise forms, or, if towers can be worked out, 3 isn't out of the question. I would expect an on-site parkland dedication at the west end of the site.

The community will want to retain a supermarket here; and I believe Empire would want that as well, unless they could secure space on the other side of Main. A phasing question may come into play to try to retain that use during construction.

The existing store is under-invested in and a middling performer, but all the new area density should change that. My guess, however, is that a banner change is coming here, probably to Farm Boy, but I wouldn't rule out Freshco either.


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Dec 5, 2014
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I’ve highlighted this site centre-right of this image, showing the scale of development happening immediately east:

And this isn't even including all of the new proposals towards Vic Park that have come up recently.
Crazy how big it'll be around my neighbourhood.