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Low-rise retail on Yonge street makes sense..but come on, mid-rise at the looking at a couple of Ice-ish type 200 meter structures being built here. If you can build 50-55s at Jarvis or Bay you sure can do better here.
Funny I've never minded this stretch. When you walk by its not much different than any other stretch. I actually hate the block to the south more.
I say they approach the base in a similar way to that of Aura and 1 Bloor and I don't care what else we get here. Lots of retail at the base and lots of space at street level.

This site could use some serious height, just set back a bit from the street.
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Height, set back from the street? No, this strip needs an imposing streetwall, built right up to the street.
Bit by bit Yonge St. and Toronto's character disappears..
The building may be ugly, but I doubt a condo will be built with cheap enough rent to allow interesting, privately owned little shops to be there like they are now.

Bring it on Vancouver!
While by and large I am a fan of locally owned shops and retailers... this strip is mostly an exception. Pay-Day Loan Dealers prey on the those who need them the least so I won't be crying to see the Cash Stop close its doors. Also, the people that run the NYC Clothing place drive me nuts whenever I walk by. They are constantly commenting to people passing-by, often saying something nonsensical or derogatory to get them inside the shop.. "You wanna make the girls look bro, come in for a new pair of jeans".... Won't be sad to see them go either!