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Apr 25, 2007
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Last three or four days, I've been having an unusual issue with UT.

A few minutes after I have opened UT on my browser (Firefox), as I am reading a thread, auto audio starts. It's an ad for some snack, with a women's voice, saying "It starts with a snack, with healthy ingredients..." with music in the background. It only ever happens with UT, and it has been happening consistently with UT. The auto audio never has anything to do with any of the visual ads on UT - there is never a corresponding ad on the UT page for healthy snack foods that I somehow inadvertently triggered the audio for.

Now, I suspect this auto audio has nothing to do with UT and everything to do with my computer/browser. But since it seems to only be happening with UT, I thought I would ask if I was the only one to whom this was happening.