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An update from the Major Projects Report to next weeks' TTC meeting.

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I noticed 69 Bloor East, the CPA building adjacent to 81 Bloor East, is being gutted. Is that part of this project too or something else?

Something else as far as I know.
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why is this going to take more than 10 years to complete!?

The vast majority of the work will be done in six years, 2024-2030. But there are some finishing bits that my add time, and contingency has been allotted.

I think its a bit excessive; but in fairness its a very complex project.

The entire station will remain open and operating the entire time.

Hudson's Bay Centre will also operate the entire time.

The latter has key systems that must be relocated before any significant work on the station itself can commence.

There are lots of structural complexities and multiple overlapping sites within the project.

If they could close the entire station down (no trains passing through) it would be done in 3 years.,

But they can't.
A report to next week's meeting of the TTC concerns approving the construction agreement for a new chiller facility for the HBC complex.

The current location is in the way of the station expansion footprint and the new facility must be constructed first, before the existing one can be decommissioned in service of this project.

From the above:


New chiller is under the current bank bunker........ maybe.....maybe....
Update on this one from the Major Projects Report on next week's TTC Agenda.

Slippage has begun.

One item that is clearly not the TTC's fault, and that I'm prepared to call unacceptable. A property owner appealed the expropriation of their site, not the compensation, but the necessity of the taking.

The hearing on that was back in early July.

According the report below the TTC is still waiting on the written decision almost five months later.

From the above: