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Jul 6, 2016
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Just bumping this general thread for University District. Does anyone know the status of the Gramercy? Has Gracorp Capital changed it to be now "block 15"? I don't see the Gramercy appear on their project website anymore, and instead there is this new Block 15 one. It is difficult to tell from the renderings where this is on the overall plan for UD.

Edit: Looking at it further, is this just to the north of the Gramercy? I think it is, so across the laneway from it, where @Surrealplaces has #15 on his map up above. Perhaps time for a new number?
Render 2-1-1.jpg
Render 1-1-1.jpg






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Yeah I think that one is called Argyle (?) and I’m pretty sure it has already released renders and has a thread. Great news that they’ve submitted their DP.
Looks awesome, but I wish they utilized more of that rooftop space.
It looks like that is included on the roof of the mid-rise portion. It has a railing that looks to probably outline the area that will be outdoor/rooftop amenity space. Happy this one is white spandrel i am tired of all the grey/black towers everywhere and i prefer how 11th and 11th turned out.
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The scale is amazing. I’ll order 35 of these for the Beltline, Mission, East Village, Bridgeland, and Kensington/West Hillhurst please ☺️
It reminds me of the scale/massing of Evolution in the EV, basically perfect. I’m not even mad it doesn’t have retail at the base since Gramercy fits in perfectly next to this, with good street interaction and retail.
It’s not really an “if”, it’s just a “when”, and it won’t be that long.