UD is blowing East Village out of the water. I always thought East Village would be mostly complete by now, but at the current rate, UD will be fully built out and hopping long before EV even gets close to reaching mid point build out.
Kind of apples and oranges. EV is mostly hi rise stuff. Lot of Midrise & Lowrise in UD.
Begs the question, is it better to have the area built out with midrise and low-rise like UD or holdout for midrise/high rise?
Luckily we can have both :) High rises in the core and low-mid rises in other areas.

EV will be slower going, but it will eventually build out. EV had some good momentum and then the economy went in the tank for the past 6 years. Despite the downturn in the economy and the condo market, EV still managed to get three high-rise towers built, and I feel confident another 3-5 will be built in the next 6 years.
Values are probably too high in the EV to build mid rise over the allowed high rise developments.I can't imagine the zoning not allowing a developer to build a losing mid rise.

The East Village and Railtown would be buzzing with tall towers being built if the University was there. It always about location than the height
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I thought I was going to be the hero of the day and let everyone know that there are pile drivers on site but I’m not fast enough on the draw lol.
Article about the ground breaking and construction start: